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An estimation predicts that more than 60 per cent Expedia Hotels bookings were paid in Cryptocurrencies via Travala. The Expedia Group hotels and accommodations, which are more than 0.7 million are currently available through the cryptocurrency booking platform Travala. One can pay with more than 30 cryptocurrencies, and the bitcoin is included. 

Besides, the pandemic of COVID-19, across the world Travala has observed a 170 per cent increase in booking revenue from its 2 million properties.

The Cryptocurrency travel booking platform Travala declare on Monday that there are more than 0.7 Million Expedia Group hotels and accommodations are currently available on the website. Including bitcoin Customers can now pay for their bookings with thirty cryptocurrencies, and traditional payment is also acceptable.

After the partnership of Expedia Partner Solutions and Travala.com, it becomes possible that the customers can now pay in Bitcoins and other digital currencies as well.

In 2018 the Expedia established Expedia Partner Solutions Rapid to provide access portfolio to the travel companies for more than 0.7 million hotels and accommodations. Plus, with including more 35 property kinds in 35,000 locations across the globe.

In 2017 Travala.com was established, and right now it giving access to beyond 2 million hotels and accommodations in world-wide. The Travala says on the website Travala.com that the travellers can now book their trips utilizing more than 30 types of cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrencies which are acceptable on the Travala.com, are included BTC, BNB, ETH, BCH and, Travala’s native coin as well as AVA etc. While on its websites the Expedia accept Bitcoin. Therefore, in June 2018, the company have reduced the cryptocurrency payment option.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency exchanging is on the move. The CEO of Travala, Juan Otero, said that we desire to assure our customers have payment option and transparent pricing for all booking related trip etc.

Similarly, in the travel industry, the Expedia Partner Solutions Rapid is the best API product, and this partnership provides amazing accommodation choices and availability for our customers, such as 4- Star and 5-star hotels in the first locations across the world.

In last year November, Travala has stated to presents Booking.com’s accommodation listings on its platform while now in May merged with Travel-by-bit with backing from Binance. The report of June which published on 1st July, Travala shows their total booking revenue for June 2020 was £146,340.24 that was rise more than 170 per cent from May 2020.

Furthermore, in June, 59 per cent of the booking payment ware paid in the cryptocurrencies and out of 59 per cent, 21 per cent were paid in Bitcoin. It is followed by the native token 16 per cent, BNB 2 per cent, and other cryptocurrencies 7 per cent.

On Monday Otero said that our previous two months payment record reveals that the confidence of the customers and their curiosity for the travelling is coming back, with the rise of 81 per cent in room night booking. At the same time, the website traffic moved up to 50 per cent in the last two weeks as well.

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