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Just 20,000 Casascius Physical Bitcoins Left unspent: 424 Million USD Coin Value

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Over the year, physical bitcoins have been a great tendency, and its one particular kind is known as Casascius physical bitcoin fascinate masses for the years. Also, someone has saved a 100 bitcoins Casascius bar, and then 560 Casascius coins having worth of 5.1 million dollars have been saved till to last December.

Currently, there are just 20,901 Casascius bars have left across the world, having with approximately 424 million dollars of worth of bitcoins. Many producer have generated physical bitcoins, which have been filled with the digital currency, since the last decade.

All these kinds of bars are collector things, as a physical feature can provide numismatic value to cryptocurrencies.

Mike Caldwell is a famous physical bitcoin creator, from 2011 to 2013 he issued the Casascius physical bitcoin. But unluckily, the government have banned his operation telling him that he could no longer fill the physical coins with the actual digital bitcoins. 

Therefore, during his time of creating Casascius physical bitcoin and he printed about 90,000 bitcoins in different denominations.

But just 45,760 active bitcoins are existing on Casascius physical coins on July 12, 2020, while in December 2019, there were about 46,320 active bitcoins. It means currently the bitcoins and U.S. dollars exchange rate out of 560 bars saved, 5.1million USD in bitcoins were spent.

There are 45,760 bitcoins (more than 424 million USD) held on physical items, out of 20,901 active Casascius coins and bars are in existence.

The have reported in last December, on the 100 bitcoins gold bar which was saved, and it was the last 100 bitcoins peeled.  From the last December to up till now just 25 bitcoins were peeled, which is the highest increment. But there are about 48 to 100 bitcoins bars are remaining, having worth of 44.4 million U.S. Dollars (100 bitcoins Bars left up to date).

The Caldwell has also printed plenty of 1,000 bitcoins bars which are saved yet to be. The first series of data reveals that 87 % of the 1,000 bitcoins bar has been saved. While in the second series Casascius bars have just saved 500 bitcoins.

Some people are lucky ones that they have to get series first 1,000 bitcoins, Casascius coins which were printed in 2011. Just six were created and now the four ware left, it means that just 33.33 per cent bitcoins have spent up to now.

With smaller increment between 0.5 bitcoins to 25 bitcoins, so there are many more physical coins in the Casascius collection.

As said earlier, the bitcoiners are now regretting due to the high value of Casascius coins, and these coins are now holding numismatic value which is more in the worth as compare to save in BTC coins. For example, more than actual Bitcoins value, on the eBay two Casascius coins are selling far.

One example presents a rare 2011, one bitcoins physical casascius coins purchasing for 101,000USD and another purchaser on the eBay sale website desire 25k USD for his 2013. But on eBay, there are not enough Casascius coins. Caldwell has created a lot of unfilled Casascius bitcoins which holds no actual digital currency value.

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