The Nigerian Big Brother Participated in the Bitcoin Quiz and Won a $500 Bitcoin Reward




Eighteen Nigerian Big Brother housemates have participated in the bitcoin quiz, with each participant getting $500 Price Value of BTC as a prize. The Nigerian Big Brother reportedly admitted to the present unusual step as a part of moves to supply over just entertainment to its audience.

Being a part of BBN in-house quiz section tasks last week, housemates took part in activities that tested their knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies. Housemates had to notify the audience a number of the utilization cases for bitcoin-like airtime top-up and online instalments. Additionally, housemates had to participate during a challenge to make innovative radio rhymes.

One of the media record that “housemates had to solve questions like what’s a bitcoin purse. Or how is that the price of bitcoin determined?” Housemates had to call the highest five leading cryptocurrencies also. Ultimately, the housemates were given to draw pictures that “represent a bitcoin purse.”

Moreover, following naming all housemates winners, the segment supporter Patricia, a cryptocurrency exchange that runs in Nigeria and Ghana, awarded each participant a card filled $500 Bitcoin.

Similarly, the BBN’s journey into cryptocurrency, in conjunction with Patricia, draws a significant step in Nigerian efforts to promote BTC’s awareness.

The nation is now a single biggest cryptocurrency market; the exchanged volumes of which dwarfs that of the nearest competitor. As data from peers to comprehend trading platforms exhibits, Africa’s thickly populated country is considered for quite 50 per cent of traded volumes.

Meantime, some commentators in Nigeria think the utilization of BBN, the essential reality television program in Nigeria, would be a big hit for fresh users.

The General Secretary and lawyer, as well as a Senator the Ihenyen, with other Stakeholders across the Block-chain Technology Association of Nigeria, is one among those who have shared the same opinion about this movie.

Plus, the Ihenyen begins by aiming at BBN’s massive reach collectively of the explanations he’s hopeful about the possible effect of the BTC Quiz. During the past season, the BBN show garnered 240 million votes, and 50 million of these came during the final week alone.

He adds that it’s “a show that greatly appeals to countless youngsters in Nigeria. Undoubtedly, the cryptocurrency quiz would make those that didn’t know anything about cryptocurrencies to become inquisitive. I see Google explore for BTC in Nigeria, raising.”

Ihenyen also supports the quiz sponsor, Patricia, for exercising an unusual way to bring BTC to the people.

This contest will surely boost cryptocurrency awareness and adoption inside and outside Nigeria, particularly when one considers that mainstream media rarely air shows and programs regarding cryptocurrencies, the strategy adopted by Patricia, self-evident sponsor of the quiz contest, was simply excellent.

It didn’t only help put its brand throughout the face of uncountable viewers but also helped boost crypto awareness amongst viewers.

Lastly, Ihenyen states he thinks that “these participants might boost cryptocurrency adoption more by obtaining interested in some cryptocurrency ventures.”

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