Bitcoin is Replacing Gold as Top Safe-Haven: Prediction of Devere Group CEO




Nigel Green, the CEO, and founder of Dever Group, said that he thought the U.S election would boost the price of Bitcoin. Green, in an interview with the financial broadcast, said that he also conceives that bitcoin will replace gold. It is because bitcoin is the ultimate safe paradise within the extent of generations.

Nigel Green, the CEO of Devere Group, is a big fan of crypto properties like bitcoin. In recent days, Nigel Green is more uttered about his predictions. A report was published at the end of August in which Green was talking about the U.S presidential election and bitcoin conditions. He explains that this election will have a devastating effect on the U.S dollar but will boost bitcoin at the same time.

In the fintech world, Devere Group counts as one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organizations. The AUM (assets under management) of this firm has surpassed 10 billion dollars.

In another interview with the broadcast MoneyFM, Nigel again spoke about the crypto assets. This discussion was encouraged by the request of the Singapore Exchange (SGX). The Singapore Exchange (SGX) has requested two new crypto indexes to set price standards for BTC and ETH in Asia.

In an interview, Nigel Green shared his opinions about bitcoin (BTC) and other digital currencies. He explains why he thinks that gold will be replaced by bitcoin.

Green said that in my opinion Bitcoin has progressively become more accepted. When it comes to basics, there is always a payment system in the world. When it comes to bartering, there are still some ways of people keeping score.

In the current situation, our governments are keeping score. And we all know that not everyone in the world is contented with their government. In this situation, cryptocurrencies are best because in cryptocurrencies a computer is keeping score.

Nigel Green also says that more and more acceptance is seen gradually from people for several years. He explained that Bitcoin is just like gold and is limited. Young people are keener to accept digital currency than older people.

“It is mainly equal to having promises from the governments if you have U.S dollars or Venezuelan bolivars,” Green said. People are letting governments preserve scores, but scorekeepers are easily tainted.

The CEO of Dever Group asserted that do we think we will have Singapore dollars in the pocket or we will have a digital currency? Green said that in my opinion, what we accept will be digital currencies. Another question is: “is BTC (Bitcoin) is accepted as part of the digital world?” the answer is that Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular in younger generations. They trust in Bitcoin more than older people.

The founder of Dever Group regularly noticed that there was substantial popularity of youth being more geared towards revolution like BTC.

Nigel Green said that there is a specific generation who trust in gold, and then there is another generation who trust in Bitcoin.

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