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The community was watching the miners closely 88 days before the up-gradation of the Bitcoin cash on November 15, 2020. The Bitcoin ABC team published a blog post on August 18. In this post, they revealed that a “feature freeze now exists,” as it has a new coinbase rule.

Some groups of Bitcoin cash diggers have been signalling “powered by BCTN” in the block’s coinbase constraints. The bitcoin cash land dispute continues, but now most of the talk is turning to watch miners.

News.Bitcoin.com presents a report on August 5. It was about how the BCH Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA) debate sparked a lot of fighting in the BCH community. Some of the Bitcoin Cash mining groups have started to signal node applications this week.

In the coinbase parameter messages, some of the miners were signalling “Powered by BCHN.” The Bitcoin ABC team was exposed after the DAA controversy that it would influence the ASERT DAA. But the group also said it would add the IFP (Infrastructure Funding Proposal) coninbase rule as well.

The decision raised fears of a split in the blockchain, as many BCH supporters dislike the Coin Base principle. The blog post that was published by the Bitcoin ABC developers on August 18 that publicized a new customer release 0.22.0. This release comprises new beautiful features.

“Feature freeze is now in place,” Bitcoin ABC said. They also noted that the new features added include the ASERT DAA and the new coinbase rule. The new coinbase rule is about the reinvestment of 8% from the coinbase reward.

The blog post says that 8% will be directed into the “Bitcoin Cash infrastructure development.” “This means that more technical capabilities can be hired to maintain and develop the network. It can better help your business grow.”

The official Twitter account of Bitcoin.com also explained the business’s suggested node implementation the same day. This tweet also relates to the blog post in which the details are given about how Bitcoin.com’s infrastructure will work.

The official reply from Bitcoin.com explained that it “Operate instantly; Bitcoin.com will track the subsequent node implementation for all Bitcoin.com products.  The product mining, consuming, or else depends on Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin Cash Node (aka. BCHN) version 22.0.0 or later.”

Bitcoin.com’s statement enhances, “all the individuals and organizations currently running Bitcoin Cash nodes are also recommended to implement Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN).”

On Tuesday and Wednesday, during the day, Bitcoin Cash supporters saw several mining pools signalling “BCHN”.For example, Binance blocks and other mining pools like Btc.top’s coinbase parameter messages say the same statement “powered by BCHN.”

Binance, Hashippe, Easy2mine, Btc.top, P2pool, F2pool, Huobi, and Bitcoin.com are the pools that were signalling BCHN. More than half of the other pools have not made any intent toward signalling at this time.

The web portal coin dance shows the number of blocks mined from the miners who are signalling and those who are not. Several discussions concerning the debate like r/BTC are also present all over Twitter and Reddit forums.

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