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Two-Option Voting App Launched By Bitcoin Unlimited Team

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A new application named as Votepeer was launched on 16 September by the Bitcoin Unlimited development team. This software is run by the Bitcoin Cash network and permits anyone to establish a two-option voting system.

Votepeer is a great application of Bitcoin Unlimited which is authorized as BUIP129. It is based on new decentralized voting technology. A website named as has the initial version of Votepeer. Votepeer is a simple application that lets anyone set up a two-option vote via a simple and transparent procedure.

Most Bitcoin cash wallets use SPV (simple payment verification) technology through which anyone can participate, verify and calculate and hence doesn’t need full node.

The initial version of Votepeer was revealed by two Bitcoin Unlimited engineers named as Dagur and Jørgen Svennevik Notland. This version is available on the website.

The details of this project were given as, “Votepeer is a simple and transparent voting procedure by which anyone can easily set up a two-option vote.” “Most of the procedures, like participating, verifying, and tallying, are done over the Simple Payment Verification (SPV) technology which is used in most Bitcoin cash wallets.”

The announcement, published on, a blogging platform run by Bitcoin Cash (BCH), explains that the new release is nearing the initial stage of BUIP129. Through the second phase, the BU designers will learn more to “make anonymous voting possible.”

The statement also said that the third phase of this project is to integrate the technology into an easy-to-use app and make it publicly available for general use.

One of the engineers named Jørgen Svennevik Notland sai that hopefully, we can make the online election safer. He also said that we are currently in research and development mode, open sourcing our tools and apps as they mature. He explains that our present research item is to learn how to make the electoral process anonymous in a two-choice Voterpeer smart agreement.

The designer also said that those who are interested in contributing to the Votepeer could contact through The engineers also said that the team has now launched so the project will be able to identify partners who will benefit from this type of voting technology.

The BU deys deduced that we look forward to all the exciting ways in which cryptocurrency groups can use this technology to supercharge their authority processes.

On social media and crypto-based forums, BCH supporters seem to like the idea of ​​the Voterpeer project and the blockchain voting notion. The announcement comes 47 days before the election of the U.S President between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on 3 November. Even now, thanks to the mail-in ballots this year due to Cove-19, many Americans believe the vote will be a complete disaster.

Some members of the BCH community discussed with governments the benefits of using a platform that uses blockchain technology. In the meantime, some other supporters of the crypto have recommended ideas to the BU team that could allow the protocol to run a multi-choice voting process.

Is the Votepeer project of BU software designers beneficial? What do you think about it? You can comment below to share your opinion with us.

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