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Social Attention List Currency Influencers with Math: Algorithmic BTC and ETH

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In the last week,, a project that outlines the community groups of Bitcoin and Ethereum social rank using arithmetic, announced the launch of an innovative algorithm variant.

Just recently has announced the launch of the project’s innovative algorithm V-2.0 and told it was the most significant change to the algorithm, however. describes itself as a platform which describes groups of people mathematically, and the web portal showcases two lists of BTC and ETH influencers. The records are created algorithmically utilizing data from Twitter, and it refreshes daily.

The record of influencers described on the BTC side holds a significant number of people. The top five social influencers cover people like Pierre Rochard, Adam Back, Pieter Wuille, Jameson Lopp, and Elizabeth Stark.

The list also provides a score, the abundance of people the influencer ensues, how many individuals support the luminary, and a seven-day rate. The BTC list has 1,158 Twitter statements reported, and there’s a record of the list also.

Influencers deriving from the ETH list combine Hayden Adams, Vitalik Buterin, Evan Van Ness, Peter Szilagyi, and Hudson Jameson for the best five. The last end of the top ten list covers Georgios, Austin Griffith, Joseph Lubin, and Nick Johnson. states it only aggregates information from Twitter references, and the developers call the algorithm Peoplerank.

It works comparable to the original Pagerank,’s algorithm page predicaments. Instead of ranking websites, it ranks integrity. While Instead of tracking links, it tracks awareness. It’s also a 2nd-order metric. It means that it matters not only who pays attention to you, but also who pays attention to the people who pay attention to you. And so on.

Additionally, the CIO from Arcane Assets, Eric Wall, discussed’s recently updated algorithmic list on Twitter.

I did a little bit of analysis on the data to compare Layer 0 decentralization between BTC and ETH, Wall tweeted. I thought the Gini coefficients of the influencer rates top 50 would show the diversity in influencer equation.

Moreover, Wall further continued that this little test indicates that ETH has a slightly higher degree of Layer 0 and social layer inequality. It could be a result of Vitalik Buterin holding a much more solid standing in ETH vs what Adam Back has in BTC, as the influencer scoring reveals.

It isn’t a complete picture, and it’s more of an idea for a methodology I would like to propose. Centralization is one of the most crucial aspects of centralization, yet we seldom try to scale it.

Now the algorithm has a self-correcting system revealed in a tweet. It can recognize changes in the underlying edifice of the cluster as they arise and adjust consequently. It means that the numbers should maintain a stable level of precision across time.

The algorithm can instantly scale up and down. We can draft sub-clusters inside each cluster and the super-cluster it relates to. It also means that given sufficient data and computation, we could record the entire Twitter with its millions of groups, the Twitter statement continued.

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