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Analysis Ready Open Data Has Arrived

We are pleased to announce the public launch of Open Data Blend, a set of innovative open data services that make large and complex UK open datasets more accessible. Open Data Blend is the result of over six years of cutting-edge research and development on open data publishing, data engineering, and modern data warehousing.

Each service launches with three high-value, high-volume datasets that will dramatically accelerate your time to insights in the related domains: 

  • Anonymised MOT Tests and Results
  • Great Britain Road Safety
  • NHS English Prescribing 

More analysis ready datasets will be added over time.

Introducing Open Data Blend Datasets

The Open Data Blend Datasets service is primarily aimed at data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists. Our data engineering team have been hard at work building out a sustainable service that curates large open data from the UK, transforms it into analysis ready datasets, enriches it with derived values, and makes it available through a frictionless open data catalogue.

Open Data Blend Datasets service highlights:

  • Openly licensed data
  • All datasets are dimensionally modelled (i.e., star schemas)
  • Open Data Blend Dataset UI – A fast and lightweight data catalogue user interface
  • Open Data Blend Dataset API – An open access data catalogue and bulk data API that is built on open standards
  • Data file downloads in CSV (compressed), Apache ORC, and Apache Parquet data file formats
  • Rich metadata that includes data sources, column data types, column descriptions, useful links (e.g., to documentation from the original source)
  • 99.5% up-time SLA for paid plans

Browse through the Open Data Blend Datasets today.

Introducing Open Data Blend Analytics

The Open Data Blend Analytics service enables data analysts and data scientists to analyse our datasets at the speed of thought. Our business intelligence team have worked tirelessly to bring you a service that will significantly reduce your time to insights and business value. Open Data Blend Analytics surfaces our datasets through a rich semantic data model that can be connected to and analysed from BI tools like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau.

Open Data Blend Analytics service highlights:

  • Openly licensed data
  • Predefined calculations including sums, counts, averages, and percentages
  • Predefined drill-down hierarchies to support rapid report creation
  • Support for BI client tools such as Excel, Power BI, and Tableau for drag and drop report building experiences
  • For each dataset, at least two years of history plus the latest available year to date
  • Query the data model directly using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) or Multi-dimensional Expressions (MDX) from client tools like DAX Studio 2 and SQL Server Management Studio 18
  • 99.5% up-time SLA

Learn more about how Open Data Blend Analytics enables even quicker insights.

Open Data Blend services are maintained and hosted by Nimble Learn, a UK based analytics consulting company that was founded in 2013.

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