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Risto Mejide Announces He Has Been Infected Mark1199 With Covid After Being Vaccinated

Risto Mejide is going to be absent, at least for two weeks, from Everything is a lie , as the presenter has confirmed that he has tested positive for Covid . And not only he has been infected, but also his family. Risto Mejide Announces He Has Been Infected Mark1199 With Covid After Being Vaccinated

The publicist got the second dose of Pfizer last Tuesday , but this Thursday he tested positive for coronavirus . And it is that Pfizer does not generate immunity until 7 days after having the complete schedule.

“After having dodged the first four waves. After having spent more than a year working almost every day and without infections. After having vaccinated myself from the first and second doses. This week I have tested positive for Covid, ” he said in his social media.

” And what is worse, part of my family as well . Now we can only hope that it does not continue, that it passes soon and that the vaccine does its job. In the meantime, please, take good care of yourself,” he asked. ” Let no one trust it, that the virus is still here, among us .”

Even so, the presenter wanted to make it clear that the vaccine has helped him avoid having serious symptoms: “I take this opportunity to tell you that, thanks to being vaccinated, at the moment the symptoms are not much, so, please, vaccinate . And , of course thanks to our public health and our toilets, which are – by far – the best we have in this country. “

‘The Ana Rosa program’ dispenses with Javier Ruiz as a collaborator
The last time the publicist was at the helm of his Cuatro show was on Monday, although he did host Everything is true on Tuesday night. So far, he has been replacing Marta Flich , but Thursday was Javier Ruiz , who was no longer part of the program Ana Rosa recently , who presented the program .

“The first intern that they have taken down the hall has been seated here,” the journalist joked at the beginning of Everything is a lie this Thursday. And it is that, in addition, he has explained that Marta Flich, having been in contact with Risto Mejide, was in quarantine at home. Risto Mejide Announces He Has Been Infected Mark1199 With Covid After Being Vaccinated

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