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Filling Deposit In This Exit Operation Costs 13 Euros A Year Ago

Filling the fuel tank in this operation starting in August costs 13.4 euros more than a year ago, when mobility had recovered after the first state of alarm, while refueling with diesel is 11 euros more expensive.

According to the data released this Thursday by the Oil Bulletin of the European Union (EU), gasoline is sold this week at an average of 1,408 euros per liter, while diesel does so at 1,263 euros per liter.

Gasoline, therefore , costs 21% more than a year ago , while diesel has risen 18.8%.

In this way, filling an average tank of 55 euros with gasoline in the exit operation costs 77.44 euros, while if diesel is refilled, the price is 69.465.

This means spending, if it is done with gasoline, almost 4.5 euros more than two years ago, in the prepandemic world, and 13.4 euros more than in the summer of 2020.

In the case of diesel, refueling a 55-euro tank costs around 2.8 euros more than in 2019 and 11 euros more than in 2020.

Operation starting July 2021: these are the cheapest gas stations to refuel

Far from their all-time highs
Compared to the beginning of 2021, gasoline has risen by 19% and diesel has risen by 18.2%, while if compared to a month ago, both fuels are 1.8% and 1.36% more expensive , respectively.

Despite this, both fuels remain far from their all-time highs that reached the week of September 3, 2012, almost nine years ago, when gasoline cost 1,522 and diesel 1,455 euros.

Thus, gasoline is now 7.49% cheaper than that week, while diesel costs about 12.6% less.

Prices will stabilize
Fuels have stabilized in the last week, after chaining constant increases since November 2020, when Spain was facing the second wave due to the coronavirus crisis.

Thus, diesel has fallen by 0.32% in the last week, while gasoline has marked the same price as seven days ago.

Diesel did not register decreases since the week of November 9, 2020 , while gasoline did not mark the same price for two consecutive weeks since the third week of May, when it began to chain constant increases.

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