2023 Will See The Launch Of Skylex Network’s Mainnet




The Mainnet of the Layer-1 Skylex Blockchain is scheduled to go live in the third quarter of 2023. Skylex will be able to shorten the block’s finality time to 3 seconds once the Mainnet is up. 

To do this, Skylex Network has created a variety of goods and services that let customers into the digital ecosystem that is growing the quickest in the world.

The Goal Of Skylex For Mainnet Launch In 2023

Layer-1 blockchain In Q3 2023, when Skylex plans to introduce its Mainnet, the block’s finality time will be 3 seconds. In the course of doing so, Skylex Network has created several goods and services that let customers interact with their online community.

The project incorporates Layer-1 technology with items like SLX nodes, decentralized and centralized exchanges, mobile crypto client-side wallets, and mobile crypto client wallets. 

To optimize users’ and businesses’ connection with the crypto world and improve the Skylex brand on the market, Skylex is creating a network of collaborative goods and services. As a result of such pairings, the entire Skylex ecosystem is guaranteed to be very stable.

Technology has now made possible talent that earlier generations could not even imagine being unlocked. Electronics, automobiles, financial systems, and social media platforms, which are now a part of our everyday lives, are controlled by many technological behemoths. 

Companies violate the privacy of consumers by monopolizing a bad sector. Blockchain, however, makes the most significant privacy protection commitments to users. 

Users may communicate safely using a fair and private system thanks to the distributed nature and different encryption techniques on the blockchain. Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, despite its obvious potential.

“SKYLEX Network was established in order to bring financial independence, transaction transparency, and the capacity for free will back to society. We built a platform and an ecosystem from the ground up, with user freedom as its core tenet. — Skylex Vice President David Ternus. 

Nodes in SLX Anyone may take part in SLX network transaction confirmation, which ultimately translates into taking part in the benefits from completed transactions. Each SLX Node has a certain quantity of SLX tokens, enabling participation in the SLX network. 

Each user joins the Skylex Network activity by purchasing an SLX Node, which maximizes and stabilizes the performance and growth of the Skylex Network ecosystem, and is rewarded for it. SLX Explorer provides access to all transactions made by Skylex Network on exchanges. 

There are 20,000,000,000 SLX Tokens altogether on the nodes with a limited supply accessible (i.e., 194,000 SLX Nodes).

Everyone that joins the Skylex Network early will be able to receive their own validator since there are a finite amount of Nodes, making the tenet of “First come, first served” sacred. 

It is also important to note that the Skylex Network platform registered over 2,500 users in the first week following its introduction, and that number is continually rising. Users should also be aware that selling all SLX in Nodes is the only determinant of when the Mainnet will activate.


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