A Real App Store to Provide Crypto Apps Downloads for Crypto Community




When you use an iPhone, you will download the app through the APP Store; if you use an Android phone, you will need Google play, and when you use Microsoft, you will need a Microsoft store to download apps. What about when you need to download a Defi APP? Where should users download software? Magic Square is the first application store to provide APP downloads for cryptocurrency lovers.

BitYard is pleased to announce a partnership with Magic Square and list the APP on the space. Magic Square aims to catapult the widespread adoption of crypto applications. The listing APP on Magic Square allows more people to have greater access to BitYard.

Magic Square allows people who like cryptocurrency can find a variety of apps on Magic Square. Additionally, Magic Square ensures that all featured apps on the Magic Store are of a high-quality standard by using their unique system of community validation. This system also simplifies that users need to spend time to confirm whether it is a good APP.

Next, there will be an interface called “Magic Spaces” on Magic Square. Users can classify various apps through Magic Square, providing people with a personalized space, so that various crypto-related APPs can be presented on the dashboard in an orderly manner. It is convenient for users to classify apps according to their usage habits.

Before you get started, you’ll find a score for each app. Based on the rating, you can decide for yourself whether it meets your needs and personal standards. You can also earn rewards for leaving helpful comments and likes while benefitting other users.

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