Aave And Pancakeswap Are Taking Oryen Network’s 200% Gain Seriously




One of the top ten Defi coins to purchase in 2022 is the currency Oryen. The coin’s growth is still exponential, and early investors receive returns on their money.

There is a lot of interest in the decentralised finance (Defi) industry because of its numerous benefits, including the absence of laws and governmental norms. As opposed to conventional financial systems (TradFi), in which you depend on a bank to correctly hold people’s money, and they could betray your trust through bank robberies, stock market crashes, etc.

Defi enhances current TradFi limits because smart contracts, which are immutable scripts that perform certain activities when a condition is met, are effective.


Aave, a crucial platform in the Defi area and a decentralised banking application, utilise the Ethereum network. It effectively performs the duties of a money market by enabling users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies without the need for an intermediary to pursue interest payments and fee-based perks. It may also be used as a mechanism for private financing between pairs.

By staking a token for a 10-day lock period, investors can get 15–75% of their initial investment back in addition to a return gain of about 5%.


On the other side, pancakeswap is a Defi protocol with a culinary motif. It is a decentralised exchange that trades BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Order books are not required since an automated market maker facilitates trade by running the system.

The APY decreases as more CAKE are bet on this transaction. More yield is boasted when CAKE is higher. For wagers in the CAKE pool, the typical yearly percentage yield is close to 45%.

A new platform with a higher and more attractive gain rate will unquestionably be a huge improvement for the industry if the maximum return rates on current leading exchanges are less than 80%. The launch of the Oryen network would also face tough competition from firms like Aave and Pancakeswap.

Oryen Network

Thanks to a revamped financial system that makes staking simple for everyone and offers holders of its native token (ORY) the most excellent consistent returns available in cryptocurrencies, the Oryen Network is poised to revolutionize the DEFI sector. The Oryen Autostaking Technique is the name given to this strategy (OAT).

For holders of ORY tokens, the Oryen Network is a system that has innovated in order to offer benefits and value. Speed, security, easy transactions, and automated possibilities are all great aspects of the decentralized banking sector.

Since the annual percentage yield (APY) doesn’t fluctuate as much as it does on other exchanges, you can immediately predict the reward you will receive once you have saved enough ORY. With a set 90% return and a daily ROI of about 0.177%, the APY competes with the top network protocols in the DEFI sector.

The native token ORY has experienced a 200% price increase despite participating in one of the biggest presales available, indicating a bright future for the network.

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