Acceptance of Cryptocurrency Payments in Austria




According to the recent study, there are about 2,500 Austrian Merchants can accept cryptocurrencies through the Salamantex payment processor. Over the 2,500 of bitcoin investors have a documented plan to accept crypto funds, the data of Company shows. Remember that the system was tested in selected A1 5Gi network shops.

Moreover, there are other been several examples around the world of bitcoin investors who have to plan to accept Crypto-currency Payments. So, now the bitcoin’s main attraction because it is secure and investors would enjoy immunity from high taxes and bank fees.

After the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, plenty of payments have been trending more, which had not happened before. There are a lot of traditional services also, remove cash from the equities, but crypto-currencies also gives the same ends.

In the current week that there are over 2,500 merchants in Austria would be capable of supporting three different crypto-assets, including Bitcoin through the system of Salamantex payment processor in Austria. These three supported assets are Ethereum, dash and bitcoin. The holders of the cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and dash, are much excited.

According to the report of the Salamantex, from this summer onward the Bitcoin investors can spend their coins using the A1 Payment service presents by the Salamantex.

The Salamantex group also present how the Austrians like cash, but the pandemic of Covid-19 has completely changed such trend abruptly. So, before the pandemic outbreak, the Austrians were amazingly proud of cash, and that was reflected in the parliamentary election 2019-September during a large poll.

One of the young Austrian women was interviewed during election time her opinion was in favour of cash because you cannot leave a trace.

Moreover, the Austrian people have a high affinity for cash. However, from the last couple of months, a dramatic shift has been seen in their behaviour about the cash. After this change, the masses have to demand from the Austrian government. Also, the retailers have to switch to the cashless payment bargaining as soon as possible. The Salamantex Company published this report.

The Austrian retailers are now offering payment option and accept common crypt-currencies, with the unification of the Salamantex service software into the entire A1 payment process.

From the last few weeks, Crypto assets have seen wider adoption, as reported on the website, while the Australia Post is giving bitcoin buying through the

Moreover, in New Zealand and Australia, there are 2,000 Coca-Cola brand vending machines currently supporting the Bitcoin payments, reported by Centrapay. While in Austria, the Markus

Pejacsevich and Salamantex COO are now trying their best to practice the same kind of crypto payment adoption as well.

According to the Pejacsevich, our motive is to provide paying through digital currencies at the checkout. Also, the purpose is ease as we have seen with the using of our credit card over the decades.

The new customer groups and the merchants are capable now of positioning themselves as founders in this industry after the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in Austria.

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