According to a report, 75% of investors in emerging markets wish for more crypto




As per the survey, the great majority of polled investors in APAC and LATAM growing economies want more crypto because they trust in its long-term growth trajectory.

According to a recent study, about seventy-five percent of investors in Asia-Pacific(part of the world near the western Pacific region, including East Asia, Oceania, the Russian Far East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia) want crypto exposure. The same percentage of people in Latin American emerging countries wish to enhance their media coverage to cryptocurrency investments.

Toluna researchers examined 9,000 people in 17 countries for their February report, which indicated that more investors in APAC and LATAM emerging economies genuinely think cryptocurrency investments are on a long-term upward trend. In contrast, developed markets believe that crypto is in the initial stages of yet another hype cycle. 

Emerging economies look the most promising for cryptocurrency growth, with 32 percent of customers trusting the cryptocurrency, contrary to just 14 percent in developed areas like the United States and the European Union.

The results revealed that knowledge and education of the crypto markets are likely to be two of the primary elements influencing significant investing strategy disparities. Even though 61% of respondents stated they are conscious of cryptocurrency, only 23% said they are familiar with the asset class. This, according to Toluna, could be because “it’s a complicated idea that’s not easily grasped.”

These days, crypto and nonfungible token (NFT) advertising can now be found in various regions around the globe, including professional sports arenas, trying to raise awareness but not necessarily understanding.

The differential in trust between all those questioned who have invested in crypto in emerging countries (41%) and those in established markets (41%) reflects the proportional difference in trust (22 percent ). The lower perception of risk experienced by investors in emerging markets further illustrates the trust gap. Only 25% of investors in emerging nations believe crypto is too harmful to invest in, compared to 42% of investors in established areas. 

The overall risk profile in crypto, though, stays high. “45 percent of consumers feel that cryptocurrencies are not sure to thrive,” according to the research. It goes on like this:

“In current economy, only 23 percent of consumers trust cryptocurrency deposits, compared to 61 percent who believe fixed, conventional deposits.” 

Millennials were identified as the demographic with the most significant chunk of crypto investors. Toluna discovered that 40.5 percent of Millennials aged 25 to 34 in emerging and developed areas invest in cryptocurrency. This figure is consistent with the previous related research, such as Morning Consult’s, which estimated that by December 2021, 48 percent of Millennial households questioned would own cryptocurrency.

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