ARQUANT CAPITAL launches the first range of actively managed funds directly invested in cryptocurrencies




Arquant Capital, an independent frenh asset management company specialised in crypto-assets announced today the launch of Arquant Bitcoin Dynamic and Arquant Ethereum Dynamic, its first two funds geared towards professional investors. These funds that offer a really innovative structuring; are directly invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum and actively managed by Arquant Capital’s investment team, making them the first of their kind in France. Professional and institutional investors are able to tap into the potential for value creation offered by cryptocurrencies while enjoying the highest standards of investment management and compliance.

Arquant Capital got the Asset Management registration by the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) in May 2022 and is France’s first asset manager to have received authorisation to offer professional investors (institutional investors, private banks, family offices and corporate clients) a range of specialised professional funds that are actively managed and directly invested in cryptocurrencies.

The company has today announced that is launching its first two specialised professional funds, Arquant Bitcoin Dynamic and Arquant Ethereum Dynamic, the latter is the only fund currently operating under French law to be entirely dedicated to Ethereum. Both funds seek to offer professional investors the possibility to diversify their asset allocation by gaining direct exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum through investment vehicles that meet their compliance requirements and operate under the same tax regime as mutual funds.

The investment process applied by the Paris-based asset manager to its Arquant Bitcoin Dynamic and Arquant Ethereum Dynamic funds combines the use of algorithms with discretionary oversight by the fund managers. The funds’ investment strategy draws on both the expertise of a proprietary quantitative management model and a management committee, who together boast over 40 years of experience in the world of traditional finance (Goldman Sachs, La Banque Postale AM, Citibank, etc.), that optimise market timing and money management.

This investment process has been deployed by Arquant Capital since January 2020 to manage mandates for professional investors and has enabled it to deliver returns above and beyond those of the underlying assets while significantly reducing the level of volatility inherent in digital assets.

Arquant Capital is working alongside various leading groups to launch its fund range, including Société Générale Securities Services as the FIAT custodian and liability manager and PwC France as the auditor for its funds. The asset management company lies at the crossroads between traditional finance and  blockchain and offers investors a particularly innovative form of structuring that provides maximum security for digital assets.

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