As BNB, MATIC, And UNI Holders Join, Oryen Network Activates Whale Alert




Oryen Network, a new staking platform, promises an excellent 90% APY. It is often a brilliant idea to steer clear of returns that look too wonderful to be true, but in the case of Oryen, they are real and highly advantageous to all investors.

Whales are protecting themselves by investing in areas where the signals are favourable, despite recent volatility that rocked the crypto market. 

As investors, notably holders of BNB MATIC and UNI, scramble to get a hold of it, Oryen has been receiving good attention as whale alarms suggest where the chances are. So why all the fuss?

Why Are More Investors Attracting Oryen?

The euphoria around Oryen Network, which is in its sixth presale, has already led to whale alarms. The investment of the early adopters has increased by 250% as of late. 

The Oryen Network token (ORY) price has increased from its initial $0.05 entrance price to its current $0.175 price, making it one of the best altcoin bets for 2022.

Oryen Network stands apart from other decentralised exchanges thanks to a variety of distinctive characteristics, which is why Big BNB MATIC and UNI owners love it so much. 

Darryl Boo mentions the owners of BNB, MATIC, and UNI are investing in Oryen in his YouTube reviews.

With the help of its platform, Oryen offers distinctive characteristics. It gives a 90% annual yield (APY) or a 0.177% daily return on investment. Oryen ensures payouts under challenging market situations thanks to a Risk-Free-Value (RVF) wallet backed by a backup Treasury. 

Without requiring investors to physically post their position, its Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) automatically bets for them. Hourly and compounding rebase ORY generates payouts.

Oryen is automatically airdropped to wallets of holders and has no vesting. All ICO buyers have the same chance to achieve presale gains with Oryen at a launch price of 0.35. 

Additionally, this network offers transparency as a result of SolidProof’s audit, which guarantees that all transactions are legal and secure for investors.


Thanks to their BNB Vault, Binance Coin (BNB) provides investors with a number of staking and passive income perks. BNB staking techniques are easier to use but more difficult than ORY.

A Uniswap

A decentralised exchange based on the Ethereum network is called Uniswap (UNI). It addresses liquidity by enabling users to exchange ERC-20 standard tokens. UNI automates the market generation process to control risk and expenses. The idea behind the UNI currency is that investors may create a liquidity pool by getting over identity limitations.


The native currency of Polygon (MATIC) is built on the same Ethereum infrastructure that programmers use to create dApps. It seeks to maintain cheap transaction costs, and Proof of Stake (PoS) staking eventually increases network security.

Summary Of The News

  • Oryen provides an ideal investment for BNB, MATIC, and UNI holders
  • The people can also reap high rebase rewards 
  • For offering good returns, Oryen triggered alerts

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