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Aventu and Nexo have announced that they are working on blockchain and Web3 technologies via a new partnership.

Web3 solutions provider Aventus has partnered with Nexos Technologies, a provider of open banking and payment solutions, to bring blockchain-enabled solutions to the digital banking and payments sector.

As a leader in next-generation blockchain technologies and applications, Nexos Technologies works with Fortune 100 companies to bring them into Web3, while Aventus is a leader in BSA/AML compliance, settlement, and technology designs.

Aventus and Nexos have joined forces to design, assess settlement and regulative criteria, and apply their cutting-edge know-how and technologies to creating fiat-crypto bridges. With such connections linking financial services networks and the Aventus blockspace, they plan on building a shared ledger protocol and platform that caters both to traditional business models as well as novel web3 ecosystems.

The partnership will primarily focus on opportunities for existing U.S. and OECD banking, payments and certain qualified securities regulated frameworks. There will be potential registered tokenized money market instruments, real-time transaction execution in fiat, digital dollars, and certain eligible crypto currencies, as well as programmable blockspaces at layers 1 and 2.

Alan Vey, the Founder & CEO of Aventus, has expressed his excitement at this partnership with Nexos. Seen as a significant moment in the blockchain revolution for businesses, one in four enterprises are projected to have customer and partner relations conducted via Web3 by 2024. This is an opportunity for Nexos to become an innovator in its field and modernize its operations by taking advantage of evolving technologies. With Aventus’ assistance, Nexos can move traditional payment methods into the 21st century.

Gordon Baird, the CEO of Nexos Technologies, expresses both caution and enthusiasm towards blockchain. Having served financial institutions worldwide with responsible innovative solutions for three decades, they are now looking to Aventus as a potential partner. Aventus has taken the time to gain in-depth knowledge of their industry and associated regulations, as well as recognize its capacity for growth and efficiency improvements. For Nexos Technologies, Aventus presented use cases that fit with their mission of offering reliable financial services to everyone at affordable prices; further cemented by the quality technology and experienced team backing them. This has resulted in great confidence in their decision to work with Aventus as a blockchain partner.


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