Bank Ripple $BRP Seed Round is live



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Bank Ripple $BRP Seed Round is live

Bank Ripple team is very grateful to our fantastic community for their overwhelming response to Bank Ripple whitelist registration on 19th October 2021! The whitelisting process closed on 30th October, 2021.

After a week of crunching and filtering data, cross-referencing over a huge number of applications, we have finally come up with the final whitelisted applicants who will be allowed to participate in the Bank Ripple Seed Round on 1st November, 2021.

Whitelist results can be found in the following document:

Seed round is live

We are very delighted to announce that our seed phase is finally here. It marks another milestone on our journey towards developing a strong Bank Ripple community.

Seed round details:

·         Start date: Sunday, November 1, 2021

·         End date: Monday, November 15, 2021

·         Tokens for sale in total: 85,000,000 BRP

·         Percentage: 8.5%

·         Token price: $0.02 per token

·         Ticker: BRP

·         Allocation per purchase: $100 – $500

·         Unlock: 10%

·         Vesting: 9 months

·         Link:

·         Contract address:

** Please note that being whitelisted does not guarantee a part in the Seed round and purchasing $BRP. The Seed phase will be held on a first-come, first-served basis from a limited whitelisted group.

About Bank Ripple

Bank Ripple
Bank Ripple 2

Bank Ripple is the first comprehensive gaming ecosystem built and operated on the Ripple cross chain with BSC. Players use their skills and tactics to enjoy a realistic match experience and earn valuable, tradable digital assets. Bank Ripple opens up payment methods for XRP in a safe and simple way for users. This is Ripple’s open developer monetization platform. With its ecosystem, Bank Ripple has extended the GameFi mechanism and released its own game “Play to Earn ”.

Up to now, Bank Ripple has released 2 game characters (see the image above) and received positive responses from the community. In the upcoming period, the project will public more exciting game characters, a promising game feature.

Bank Ripple will conduct an AMA on Thursday November 11, 2021 to address the community interest and concerns. There will be a total prize of $500 for participants in this AMA session in which 5 most excellent questions will win $100 in $BRP each.

There is a saying “The nature of life is to change.” It is absolutely true in this case. In the current era of technology development, all market products, especially entertainment products such as online games will be easily replaced if not innovated. While Axie Infinity is the top-trending game at the moment, there is a possibility that Bank Ripple would take over the throne and become the number one NFT Game. Ultimately, there is one thing that stands true: BRP opens the gate for creators: 3D artists, Music Producers for OST Gaming Ecosystem, which are the real non -fungible asset since the day Steves Jobs creates Itunes, the day Satoshi “blockchainized” the world.

BRP is the first platform to make it real and keep it real.

Contact us for more information:

Thanks to tremendous support from our community, we have reached a new high and will continue to grow exponentially!

Another day, another milestone. Stay tuned for more existing announcements and development and join the Seed Round today so you don’t miss the chance:

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