Banking Joins Black Friday With Gift Money And Loans




Financial entities launch offers to celebrate the day of greatest consumption

Week full of news in the banking sector. On the one hand, most banks have joined the Black Friday celebration.

As every year, several entities have launched loans with reduced interest rates available during the week of Black Friday and, in addition, this year BBVA will give away 15 euros during these dates to new customers who open their Online Account and use the Aqua debit card .

On the other hand, Banco BiG has opened its doors in Spain and has done so with a fixed term of 1% APR for new clients, one of the best short-term deposits of the moment . The financial product comparator explains all the news of the last days in this article.

To celebrate Black Friday, BBVA is giving away 15 euros in cash to new customers who open an Online Account without commissions and without linking through the bank’s website or app between November 20 and December 4.

To get the bonus it will be necessary to make a purchase for an amount equal to or greater than 15 euros with the Aqua debit card. This card is free for new customers who sign up for the account and it is one of the safest in Spain to buy online, since its CVV is dynamic.

In a different vein, N26 has launched a new premium account with a cost of 4.90 euros per month designed for those customers who want to better control their expenses.

The new N26 Smart account, available to both individuals and the self-employed, allows you to withdraw cash up to five times a month for free at any ATM in the eurozone, pay in any currency without commissions, create up to ten subaccounts or round up purchases to save money. returns, among other advantages.

The new account also includes a contactless debit card available in five different colors and gives access to a telephone assistance service.

The entity also markets the N26 Standard account, which has no cost and does not require any kind of connection. The free N26 account, which has a Spanish IBAN, includes a card without annual fees and advantages such as the ability to pay in other currencies without commissions or to withdraw money three times a month for free at any ATM in the eurozone.

Banco BiG has landed in Spain with a deposit whose profitability far exceeds the Spanish average. The entity of Portuguese origin has presented its Spanish branch this week and to welcome new clients it has launched the Grand Deposit at 1% APR with a term of three months .

It can be contracted online from 500 euros and up to a maximum of 50,000. The entity is supervised by the Bank of Spain and adhered to the Portuguese Deposit Guarantee Fund and offers a catalog of digital products and services focused on savings and investment.

Several banks have launched pre-granted loans with a price below the usual on the occasion of Black Friday. Banco Santander offers financing at 3.95% TIN and its online subsidiary, Openbank, offers until December 10 a pre-granted credit for its clients from 4.95% TIN and without an opening commission.

ING, for its part, has discreetly lowered the interest rate on its Orange Loan from 3.99% TIN to 3.75% , an offer aimed at current clients of the bank that ends next Black Friday. The Dutch entity does not charge opening costs when formalizing the loan.

Finally, Bankia has launched a pre-granted loan for more than two million clients from 4.85% NIR and without opening commission, available until November 30, and Liberbank offers an immediate loan without commissions at 5.5% of interest until next December 2.

The fixed mortgage war is more alive than ever, as up to four entities have lowered the interest on these products during the last week: Coinc, MyInvestor, Banco Sabadell and Deutsche Bank.

Coinc , firstly, has reduced the interest for all the terms of its Fixed Mortgage : from 1.50% to 1.35% at 10 years, from 1.45% to 1.35% at 15 and 20 years, from 1.50% to 1.40% at 25 years and from 1.60% to 1.40% at 30 years. These rates can be obtained without the need to purchase other products from the bank.

MyInvestor, an online entity that belongs to Andbank Spain, has reduced the 20-year interest on its fixed rate mortgage from 1.53% to 1.39%, although it maintains the same rates at 15 (1.09%) and 25 years (1.49%). In all cases, these interests are subsidized by 0.20 percentage points for contracting one or more bank products: life or home insurance, investment funds, pension plans …

Banco Sabadell , for its part, has relaunched its fixed mortgage with a new interest rate of 1.60% for 30 years (previously it was 1.75%). In return, yes, you have to direct your payroll and take out the entity’s home, life and payment protection insurance. If you don’t, the interest goes up by one percentage point.

Finally, Deutsche Bank has eliminated the opening commission of the Fixed House Mortgage and has lowered the interest from 2.45% to 1.99% for 30 years. This entity continues to maintain the 1.35 percentage point bonus for direct debit income and receipts, having a debit and credit card, and taking out life and home insurance.

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