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In an age where cryptocurrency intertwines with meme culture, BASED STREET BETS ($BSB) emerges as a trailblazer on the BASE blockchain. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Wall Street Bets movement, this utility meme token is not just a nod to the rebellious spirit of retail investors but also a robust entrant into the crypto arena, promising no ordinary journey for its holders.

Based Street Bets is poised for significant growth with a market cap already exceeding $3 million and listings on major cryptocurrency tracking platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Introduction to BASED STREET BETS

BASED STREET BETS embodies the quintessence of decentralized finance (DeFi). Built on the innovative BASE chain by Coinbase, this project is not merely another speculative asset but a community-driven powerhouse designed for the people, by the people. With a clear homage to the “Wall Street Bets” subreddit, which famously took a stand against big hedge funds during the GameStop saga, BASED STREET BETS aims to capture that same zeal and bring it into the crypto world.

Utility and Innovation: Beyond the Hype

Unlike traditional meme coins that thrive solely on hype, Based Street Bets introduces genuine utility to its holders. The project has developed a suite of engaging features:

  • Custom Cryptocurrency Poker Rooms and Betting Platforms: These platforms provide a gamified investment experience, allowing users to engage in competitions and bets using BSB tokens.
  • Crypto Merchandise Store: This feature enables the community to purchase branded merchandise, creating a tangible connection with the token. A Share of every purchase goes back to the BSB Community!
  • Metaverse Integrations: With the advent of virtual spaces, BSB is also pioneering the creation of metaverse characters that represent the rebellious spirit of the community.
  • NFT Collection and Competition Arcade: An upcoming NFT collection and an arcade where users can win tokens add layers of engagement and opportunities for investment.

These innovative utilities enhance the token’s market appeal and ensure its long-term viability beyond mere trading.


  • Community Governance: Completely run by its community, BASED STREET BETS ensures that every decision is made with the consensus of its holders.
  • Financial Security: Highlighting security, the liquidity pool (LP) has been burnt, and the contract address (CA) has been renounced, creating a zero chance of a rug pull—a commitment to trust and stability in the notoriously volatile crypto market.
  • No Transaction Fees: In an innovative move, there are no buy or sell taxes, ensuring a frictionless trading experience for all users.
  • Robust Partnerships and Endorsements: The token is listed on major platforms like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and backed by significant partnerships and endorsements, ensuring a broad and sustainable market presence.

The BASE Chain Advantage The BASE chain, incubated within Coinbase, represents a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum Layer-2 solution that scales the accessibility of blockchain technology. By leveraging BASE, BASED STREET BETS benefits from high security, stability, and scalability — features crucial for the adoption and success of any crypto project. Coinbase’s user base is a goldmine for growth, with 110M+ ready to dive into crypto via BASE!

Cultural Impact and Vision

The genesis of BASED STREET BETS is deeply rooted in a cultural phenomenon sparked by Wall Street Bets. This community, known for its bold and speculative trading maneuvers, has inspired a new wave of financial activism. BASED STREET BETS taps into this movement, extending its ethos into the crypto space with a vision to empower and unify investors through a shared platform of rebellion against traditional financial institutions.

Innovative Partnerships Enhancing Utility and Outreach

Based Street Bets has strategically partnered with several entities to amplify its presence and utility within the cryptocurrency space. One significant partnership is with Gateway to Mars ($GTM), which brings a host of competitive gaming options to the BSB ecosystem, such as Competition Arcade and AI Predictive Sports Betting. This collaboration makes BSB one of the first projects on the Base Chain to integrate such functionalities, adding substantial value to its community.

Furthermore, these gaming activities are designed with a community-first approach; fees generated from these games are directed to a community wallet, with token holders having a say in how these funds are utilized. This promotes transparency and ensures that the community directly benefits from the ecosystem’s growth.

Another groundbreaking partnership is with Chooky Records, a company revolutionizing the music industry by advocating for fair compensation for artists. This collaboration will provide BSB holders exclusive access to Chooky’s music events and even feature the token in their music videos, enhancing BSB’s visibility and adoption through cultural engagement.

Community-Driven Anti-Scam Initiatives

Based Street Bets is taking a proactive stance in understanding the vulnerabilities within the crypto space, especially the prevalence of scams and rug pulls. The project encourages its community members to share their experiences with scams, creating a platform for education and mutual support. By highlighting real stories of triumphs and failures, BSB aims to foster a resilient community that is well-informed and vigilant against fraudulent activities. This initiative strengthens the community bond and serves as a crucial educational resource in the fight against crypto scams.

Robust Roadmap: Future Prospects and Growth

Based Street Bets is not resting on its current successes. Its roadmap outlines ambitious plans for the future, including listings on centralized exchanges to improve liquidity and trading potential and expanding its presence in the metaverse. Introducing an AI-based predictive model for sports betting is another highlight, promising to bring sophisticated betting mechanisms to the platform.

Marketing and Future Prospects

Based Street Bets employs an aggressive marketing strategy to bolster its presence and adoption. Collaborations with high-profile venues and influencers and targeted promotions across the United States aim to catapult BSB into mainstream recognition. The project recently welcomed a renowned cryptocurrency advisor, further solidifying its strategic direction and future growth prospects.

As BASED STREET BETS continues to grow, supported by a core alpha group of passionate community members and a significant marketing push in the USA, it represents more than just a meme coin; it’s a movement. With its foundation firmly laid on the revolutionary BASE chain and an unyielding spirit inspired by Wall Street Bets, BASED STREET BETS is set to redefine what a community-driven project can achieve in the cryptocurrency world.


BASE CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x8a24d7260cd02d3dfd8eefb66bc17ad4b17d494c

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