Before The Ending Of The Presale Dash 2 Trade Raises More Than $14 Million Due To The High Interest Of Investors




Before the end of the first exchange listing, the Dash 2 Trade has raised more than $14 million. Let me tell you if you know very little about Dash 2 Trade. In fact, the Dash 2 Trade is the crypto signals, internet bot and platform.

The last date of the presale is January 11 2023, and you may participate as you still have some time to invest your money. On, LBank, BitMart, and Uniswap, trading in the D2T token will begin at 10 am UTC.

Dash 2 Trade revealed earlier this week that it had obtained a listing on as the project’s momentum grew. On Monday, intends to announce the D2T listing officially. There are still three days left before the presale closes, and investors are rushing into the presale.

Startup Of Trading Will Begin From Next Wednesday

Liquidity will be added to Uniswap, a decentralised exchange, at 9:30 am UTC on Wednesday, the 11th, when trading starts.

From 10 am UTC onwards, investors may claim their acquired tokens on the Dash 2 Trade website. The claim page becomes live at the same time as trading on the exchanges.

The Dash 2 Trade team notes that the goal of synchronising trading and claiming is to stop the development of fraudulent liquidity pools on Uniswap, with the security of token holders’ assets being of utmost importance.

Due to the holiday weekend, the Dash 2 Trade presale was extended by four days and now runs until Friday, January 6. Those cryptocurrency investors who might have missed out now have another opportunity to participate in this top-notch business at the lowest price.

An additional 36,000,000 tokens at the listed price of $0.0556 might be sold during the presale by introducing an overfunding stage. If every token is purchased, a total of $2,001,600 will have been raised.

The extra $2 million that the initiative is seeking will enable more premium listings on centralised exchanges and speed up the already quick product launch for Dash 2 Trade.

Given that the project is now aiming for a $15,421,600 total fundraising, Dash 2 Trade is likely to be one of the largest ICOs of 2023.

It stands apart from other products on the market. Users may access comprehensive data and statistics about upcoming presales in this portion of the trading dashboard. Users can also score all project presales using the Dash Score, a rating system that is a first for the industry.

According to comments on Twitter and Telegram, the response has mostly been favourable.
Did you try beta testing? It is one of the most common remarks. One Telegram user said, “It’s great.”

D2t is pretty excellent; have a peek at their beta dashboard, a reviewer going by the moniker Free Guy stated. Wow, I am really pleased with Dash 2 Trade Beta, another beta tester wrote while adding, “wow, it’s fantastic.” This time on Twitter. Yet another person commented, “Nice work.”


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