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Although there are often arguments over how much of a benefit crypto really has for those who hold it, crypto bettors are consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to recognizing the benefits of digital currencies. The general public is still relatively skeptical and unsure of the uses of Bitcoin and other cryptos, but as the number of crypto casinos grows, the immediate result is that a lot more people are learning of the joys of an online casino bonus paid in Bitcoin. Crypto betting is growing at an ever-increasing rate, and bettors are seeing the benefits for themselves.

While it is legitimately true that crypto has seen patchy uptake and fitful use as a currency, this has never been a problem inside the betting world, and that fact is set to remain a major attraction for crypto holders. For those of us yet to take the crypto gambling plunge, it is worth taking a look at the benefits of crypto betting for the gamer. This may help to answer any remaining questions you might have about the matter.

Much faster transactions

If you’ve never cashed out a bet in a fiat currency casino, then just rest assured it’s a slow and messy process. It should just happen automatically, but there are so many steps to go through, and then once the withdrawal is generated it takes forever to arrive in your account. Compare this to a Bitcoin bet, where the money is requested and then simply shows up in your wallet. No big interstitial waiting period, no requests for ID and delays for verification. Just “I won, money please. Thanks!”

Betting crypto is safer than trading it

It sounds bizarre, but honestly placing bets with crypto is safer than trading the currency as an asset. When you put your crypto in an online casino, and use it as the stake in a bet, it is converted to dollar (or Euro) value for the duration of its time there, and therefore holds its value amid the volatility of crypto trading. It is literally smarter to hold your crypto in a casino or sportsbook than it is to put it in an exchange or hold it indefinitely in a wallet. Plus you get to bet in dollars and withdraw in crypto, which is definitely the best way around for that to be.

Much larger bonuses

If you sign up for an online casino, you expect these dayd to receive at least a decent bonus, and crypto casinos are far more generous with bonus funds than standard online casinos, It’s not uncommon for the average offer from crypto casinos to offer up to five times as much as the average online casino. These bonuses are often also less difficult to complete than the equivalent from your standard fiat money casino. Given that a well-used bonus can be the launchpad for a successful time at an online casino, it is all the more important to get a bonus that makes this worthwhile.

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