Binance Fees Go Down As BNB Goes Up




Binance fees go down as BNB goes up. As the price of BNB continues to rise, the commissions on the Binance Smart Chain decrease, thus outpacing Ethereum.

The Binance Smart Chain’s honeymoon with the crypto community seems not to end any time soon. And it is that, while the commissions of the main competitor of the exchange’s Blockchain, Ethereum, do not stop rising, reaching exaggerated levels in recent days. Binance commissions go down while BNB goes up, it is the best possible situation for the BSC ecosystem, as the PancakeSwap account commented in the Tweet of the day:

Binance fees keep dropping
For the past few days, the main topic of discussion within the crypto community has been transaction fees. Especially due to the spectacular leap that they have experienced within the Ethereum Blockchain. Leading to exaggerated situations like paying $ 100 in commissions to send $ 100 transfers.

However, what is a problem for some is an opportunity for others. Well, while Ethereum struggles with the difficulties generated by the commissions on its blockchain, Binance is experiencing a decrease in the commissions of the Binance Smart Chain, even though the price of BNB continues to increase, and with it the use of the Blockchain created by the exchange.

In this way, inadvertently, the difficulties of the Ethereum Blockchain have ended up being the best possible publicity for Binance and its blockchain. Which attracts more and more creators of decentralized applications, in a movement that is expected to end up unseating Ethereum as the main Blockchain in the sector in the medium term. What apps like PancakeSwap already celebrate.

” The Smart Chain Binance gas has dropped 5 Gwei. BNB goes up, gas commissions go down. Great .

Thus, PancakeSwap comments on the drop in commissions for the Binance Smart Chain to 5 Gwei, equivalent to less than 10 cents, compared to the dozens that must be paid on the Ethereum chain. This at a time when the price of BNB touches $ 384, showing that it is possible to increase the number of users without negatively affecting the usability of the blockchain.

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