Binance’s Expansion Continues with the Launch of a Regional Blockchain Hub in Georgia




Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has recently revealed its latest venture by opening a blockchain hub in Georgia. This initiative will further promote cryptocurrency adoption in the region, a significant step forward for the country’s blockchain industry. This announcement comes after Binance’s numerous partnerships, initiatives, and events in Georgia, demonstrating its commitment to expanding its presence and investing in the region.


Binance’s Latest Venture: ‘Web3 Outpost’ in Georgia to Expand the Reach of Digital Asset Exchange

Binance has announced the opening of a new blockchain hub in Georgia. This latest move by Binance reflects the country’s supportive stance towards cryptocurrency and its growing reputation as a hub for blockchain innovation. The new “Web3 outpost” is expected to attract top talent to the blockchain sector, offer digital finance education, and support the development of Georgia’s crypto industry.

According to Binance’s announcement, the exchange has already employed 25 people in Georgia and plans to create additional jobs in the coming months. Besides expanding its workforce, Binance aims to enhance blockchain education and accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the region. Binance has also formed partnerships in Georgia, including collaborations with payment gateway Citypay and the Agency for Innovation and Technology (GITA) on various initiatives.

Moreover, Binance is cooperating with several educational institutions in Georgia to promote blockchain education, including the Georgian Business and Technology University, Alte University, Kutaisi International University, Georgian American University, and Caucasus University. Binance’s new blockchain hub in Georgia develops the country’s digital economy. By investing in education and talent, Binance contributes to establishing Georgia as a major player in the global blockchain landscape. Georgia’s friendly regulatory environment and expanding ecosystem of blockchain startups make it an ideal location for Binance to expand its presence and drive the growth of the crypto industry in the region.


Expanding Presence: Georgia Plays a Key Role in Binance’s Blockchain Strategy

Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, considers Georgia one of the region’s most innovative countries and an essential point on its map. The company’s regional director, Vladimir Smerkis, recently commented on Georgia’s potential in digital assets and highlighted the growing interest from both the crypto community and businesses. Binance has been expanding its presence in the country following a visit by CEO Changpeng Zhao in November 2022. During his visit, Zhao met with Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili and representatives from the local business and crypto circles.

Launching the blockchain hub in Georgia will strengthen Binance’s recruiting program and enhance its regional presence. Giorgi Chagelishvili, General Manager of Binance Georgia, stated that the hub would enable the company to focus even more on the region. Binance has been actively expanding its operations in the post-Soviet space and Eastern Europe as part of its regional expansion strategy. This strategy comes amid increased regulatory scrutiny in developed economies.

Binance launched a blockchain education program in Kazakhstan and offered to assist Azerbaijan with crypto regulations in 2022. The company’s presence in the region is expected to create more opportunities for the development of the blockchain sector and contribute to the crypto industry’s growth.

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