Bitcoin: Entertainment and Sports Programming Network Declare Online Gaming




Entertainment and Sports Programming Network has declared the launch of a Blockchain-powered gaming platform, which can provide competitors to withdraw and deposit utilising bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via Cryptopay.

Additionally, the platform is integrating a web game, Satoshi’s Treasure, with $1 million value of bitcoin to be split among 1000 champions.

The UK-based organisation, which says isn’t affiliated with ESPN across the US, said it’ sits throughout the pre-launch phase of a platform which will offer plenty of the most famous games in one mobile application for crypto rewards.

The London, E-Sports Programming Network freshly integrated online gaming with Block-chain technology. It’s a new Block-chain-based gaming revolution, wherein you’ll win cash by winning battles and tournaments.

With their premium membership, one gets priority access to slots, and super early access to the foremost asked for games. The platform is under the pre-launch phase and later will allow players to form deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin and another sort of crypto-currencies.

Crypto-currency payment specialists “Cryptopay” is being employed by ESPN Global, making the method plenty simpler, swift and secure.

As for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network Global, it’s the mobile e-Sports platform based within the UK. Its travel by (ESPN) Global Corporation Ltd., headquartered in Poland. It offers a number of the most popular games in one application. It’s a format where users choose a game and may join a bunch of participants. Users can compete with one another in real-time, and therefore the winner is announced supported the very best score.

“As per a search done by 3EA Limited, a World-wide strategic service industry group, e-sports and online gaming may be a 140-billion USD Worldwide industry-driven predominantly by digital micro-transaction economies, which we observe that will benefit immensely from the uprightness and flexibility of the Block-chain technology,” said by Mr Chris Parker, the administrators of ESPN Global.

With the Block-chain system, you’ll confirm and support extreme levels of straightforward transactions without the requirement for a centralised platform, and this is sometimes what businesses are seeing because of the most engaging characteristic.

Moreover, the Cryptocurrency payment expert ‘‘Cryptopay’’ is getting used by ESPN Global, presenting the method much simpler, fast and secure,” the corporate published. Consumers can pick a game or join a bunch of participants to compete in real-time and be awarded supported the very best score.

This floor also provides premium membership whereby one takes priority access to slots and early access to the first popular games. The mobile e-sports unit across the UK falls under ESPN Global Corporation Ltd. headquartered is located in Poland.

While the world-wide strategic service industry group, e-sports and online gaming may be a $140 billion global industry driven predominantly by digital micro-transaction economies, which we believe will benefit immensely from the integrity and resilience of the Block-chain technology,” he said.

 As told by Parker, the company was integrating recently and launched game Satoshi’s Treasure. “With this 1 million US Dollar puzzle game Satoshi’s Treasure, we are promising a bounty-laden bitcoin wallet whose passkeys are going to be distributed into 1,000 fragments, spawning a World-wide quest for the prize ends.

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