Bitcoin Giveaway Scam: Massive Twitter Attack in mid of July




Bitcoin Giveaway, a trick that is used by scammers on Twitter and they tweeted from most famous accounts for giving away crypto for free. Shortly, it was seen that the breach was very serious when prominent corporations like Google, Apple, Uber, etc. and famous people like Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, etc. tweeted for free Bitcoin giveaway.

In a moment, Cryptowhale, from the Crypto Community, noticed this massive scam and warned the users not to send any Bitcoin to these accounts running by scammers. They tweet from their Twitter account that “in a huge Twitter breach, thousands of famous crypto pages have been hacked and chopped.”

In the meantime, it seems that the accounts of Binance, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Coinbase, etc. have been arbitrated. Also, arbitration tool place for the accounts of Charlie Lee, Litecoin creator, Changpen Zao, CEO of Binance, and that of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. Most of the Scammers from these accounts tweeted that they have partnered with Cryptoforhealth, and 5000 BTC will give the community. They have given the URL of the fake website as well.

The scam website, Cryptoforhealth scam, was immediately taken down and made offline. According to Kristaps Ronka, the domain registrar of the scammers’ website and CEO of Namesilo, “when the company received the report, we suspended the domain at once.”

The Scam attack of Bitcoins surpasses crypto Twitter because a related bitcoin giveaway started from large and well-known corporations, CEOs of different companies, and high-profile personalities.

Several accounts like that of Jeff Bezos or Apple started tweeting that they have decided to make a free giveaway to their community. They have given their Bitcoin addresses and asked for money for the sake of doubling in return. Remember that the BTC address mentioned by the scammers has made around 12.862 BTC ($118,495) in a short time.

Some accounts like that of Barack Obama tweeted that “Due to COVID-19, he is giving away BTC to his community. Those who sent BTC to my address will get double worth in return. For every $1000, you will be getting back $2000.”

Reasons for Happening of Massive Security Breach:

Many members of the overall size of the security breach thought that how such a massive attack happened. Most of the victims of this attack are still trying to investigate the cause of happening of this breach. Most of these investigators reported that the API of Twitter had been settled while some of them were saying that these accounts have no 2FA format.

But, Andreas Antonopoulos, the famous crypto author, tweeted that “TOTP 2FA and strong passwords protected that these accounts.

Tylor Winklevoss, the co-founder of Gemini Exchange, told that we are reviewing the basic cause and for Gemini, we had approved 2FA.

Eight hours after the attack, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, made a tweet that it was a tough day for us at Twitter. After a complete investigation of the main cause, we will share everything that we can. However, after all, this happened, the price of Bitcoin was almost not affected, and the worth of 1 Bitcoin is about $9,200.

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