Bitcoin Market Price Overview: BTC, BCH, BSV




The price of Bitcoin with plenty of other beneficial market data that ranges from the trading volume, Bitcoin’s market capitalization, lowest and highest prices daily, daily, weekly and monthly changes as well as total supply etc. The Bitcoin price is given in U.S. Dollar, but you can also conveniently switch the base currency to British Pounds, Russian Roubles, Euro, and Japanese yen.

The Veteran trader Peter have the opinion that a current altcoin season is likely to begin in the near time. He added more to say that altcoins are to outstrip the Bitcoin in the upcoming run as well. Altcoins can embark on without the help of Bitcoin in the short-term, while in the long-term it will rally on Bitcoin, and if the Bitcoin struggles to move up, it will also go high.

The S&P 500 corrected, on July 9 that resulted in the downgrading of Bitcoin. It reveals the interaction between these two is in intact. When the Bitcoin drop below to the level of 9,200USD, it swiftly attract profit booking from altcoins and reduce their prices at a lower level.

Moreover, according to the sources Reuters, Coin-base reported the preparation of list on the U.S. stock exchange market at some points during the current year.

If it happens, it would be a massive boost for the cryptocurrency sector as the listing to admire the attention of many traditional investors.


On July 8, the top-ranking asset on Coin-Market-Cap has closed the UTC above the 50-day easy moving with the average of 9,373USD. So, that was a positive sign, but on July 9, the bulls could not maintain this breakout and the price down back to below level of the moving averages.

It shows that there is a balance in the between supply and demand, and both the moving averages sustain flat and the relative strength index is below the midpoint level.

Moreover, whether the BTC/USD pair goes high from the trend-line or current level, then the bulls will again try to resume a higher level.  Plus, if the price remains above 9,500 dollars, there will be a rally of 10,000 dollars on the card as well.


Similarly, the bulls cannot move Bitcoin Cash above the quick resistance of 245.49USD for the last six days. It shows that the bears are vigorously defending the current level.


Furthermore, on the July 6 rally in Bitcoin-SV has not observed the follow-up purchasing, which resulted in profit booking by the short-term bulls.

Additionally, whether the bears sink to the sixth-ranked crypto-currency on Coin-Market-Cap below the 170USD, it would be a substantial negative impact so that it can drag the price to the level of 146.2USD again.

While the 20-day EMA 174 dollar is slowly rising and the RSI is in the positive track that reveals the bulls will get a slight benefit.

On the other hand, whether the BSV/USD pair rebounds off the 20-day EMA and goes high to the level of 200 dollars, a rally to 227USD is possible.

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