BruntWork, A New Breed of BPO Firm, Finds Outsourced Talent For Blockchain, Crypto & NFT projects




BruntWork, a leading outsourcing firm serving clients globally is currently hiring staff for the Web 3.0 internet. Its clients are hiring overseas talent in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFT projects, launchpads and more.

BruntWork reports that a number of its clients have diversified into Web 3.0. Among its recent experiences, companies and individuals have hired talent from the Philippines for cryptocurrency token launches, Def-Fi & NFT projects, launchpads and other blockchain projects.

The most common roles are:

  • Blockchain Web Developers: Blockchain developers that have experience in crypto and NFT projects.
  • Web 3.0 Web Designers: Blockchain designers that can design pitch decks, white papers, components for websites and user interface design.
  • Crypto savvy Content Writers: Blockchain Content writers that specialize in writing about tokens, exchanges, price changes, new cryptocurrency projects, leading NFT projects & everything in between. These experts produce long form and short form articles.
  • NFT & Crypto Marketers: Crypto & NFT marketers with expertise in setting up funnels, reporting and google analytics, email and newsletter campaigns.


Analysts are hotly debating whether a new Web 3.0 friendly outsourcing companies like BruntWork can carve out their niche in Web 3.0 from much larger competitors like Accenture, Cognizant, Wipro, Genpact and Concentrix.

If you are in the middle of a new crypto or NFT project, explore cost savings by hiring offshore through up-and-coming outsourcing firms like BruntWork.

Whether or not BruntWork can topple Wipro & Concentrix eventually is still to be seen, but few outsourcing companies have tackled blockchain, crypto and NFT projects as well as BruntWork.

While they still have a substantial amount of ground to cover, BruntWork is positioning itself well to make a mark on Web 3.0 outsourcing, threatening some of the major listed companies that previously felt much safer.


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