Crypto Enthusiast, Vijay Dwivedi Talks About The Daily Life Utilities NFTs Will Be Able To Provide In The Future




Entrepreneur and crypto expert, Vijay Dwivedi is a huge supporter of the Web 3 space especially NFTs. Known for having a futuristic approach, Vijay Dwivedi hasn’t just sensed the shining tomorrow of NFTs, he has reached the conclusion with his research and experiences.

From an early age, Vijay Dwivedi wanted to build an empire of his own. After tedious experience in various fields, he started making investments in different assets. NFT marketplace was one such investment platform that saw him earn great fortunes.

NFT marketplace carries a huge potential and can tap more than 60% of the internet users. Vijay believes that the number of NFT investors will radically increase in this decade which makes it a hot property of Web 3. He also shares that NFTs carry great utility for our daily life. Whether it is shopping coupons, movie tickets or brand endorsements, he is optimistic that NFTs will be used extensively in every sector.

But Vijay Dwivedi warns everyone about Greed and Fear. While web 3 is all set to reshape the world, the crypto investment market is highly volatile and extremely risky market at the moment. The crypto expert suggests everyone to stay away from negative emotions like greed and fear. “One should focus on a strategic way of investments rather than going all out. It’s not recommended to invest heavily because when the market drops, you may end up getting panicked which is the reason most people book losses.”

Vijay suggests everyone to do their own research before investing in NFTs or any crypto asset. “NFTs are an illiquid and speculative form of investment. A majority of the NFTs might become worthless if not invested smartly. Therefore, research more before making any investment.” he explains.

Vijay is also working hard in helping celebs, influencers and creators make smart investments in NFTs. He is also focused on a new NFT project in association with brands and businesses from different fields. “Things are in the development stage now. We shall reveal about it soon”, he says.

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