Crypto supporter Andreas Antonopoulos says Bitcoin is not a Seclusion Coin




On July 7, in a recent live stream Question and Answer session broadcast on YouTube Andreas Antonopoulos debate that how he set one’s heart on to see Bitcoin have more “Seclusion attribute”. He discussed the Seclusion -centric coin monero and ideas such as ring signatures and stealth addresses.

The famous cryptocurrency expert and supporter M. Antonopoulos has broadcasted a short clip of him answering a question asked from one of his retainers.

While On July 7, he debates that the Bitcoin network and reply to the question of “if or not Bitcoin would implement Seclusion attribute as like as to monero?

Additionally, Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency generated since April 2014, which practices multiple proof-of-work algorithms. In comparison, the XMR is relying on the Cryptonight proof-of-work hash algorithm, which from the day of first came from the Crypto-note protocol settled in bytecoin.

The project was a split codebase of bytecoin and at first known as Bitmonero. So, what creates monero transactions difficult to trace out is to confuse public ledger and ring signatures practised. Similarly, the Monero has a secrecy address and leverages bulletproofs as well.

After reading the question, He responded that of certainly desiring to see the Bitcoin network add some privacy features. He further added plenty of ideas, which could help support Bitcoins privacy.

Antonopoulos also said that I believe that what we are want to see is Tapescript, Schnorr and Taproot that opens up the door of plenty of privacy development.

Yet they even now do not incorporate zero-knowledge evidence or the kinds of ring signatures and secret addresses, which are carried out in Monero. So, the Bitcoin is not a seclusion or privacy coin.

Bitcoin Core generator has yet to add any privacy mentioned above, developing ideas to the main-chain to up till now.

Therefore, the Developers have initiated laying the preliminaries for concepts such as Schnorr Signatures and Taproot.

More excitingly, the group working on the Bitcoin Cash protocol has already executed the very fundamentals of Schnorr in two improvements.

One of the follower responses to Antonopoulos’s On Twitter, during Q&A video tweet and identified that a coin known “Particl.”

The Particl is Bitcoin split that has executed Ring CT, which have also gain audited, individuals said to Antonopoulos. Whether Bitcoin desires Ring CT it can execute it any time with the support of the Particl altcoin group, he comments.

Andreas Antonopoulos replied to the individual on Twitter. He said that do you believe that the reason Bitcoin has not executed these changes is a deficiency of technical knowledge and require for reinforcement to the Bitcoin generators?

No, it’s not, but it’s all about conservative administration and the politics as well as of the engine, which operates a huge economy. It is unresolved when Bitcoins developers will execute things such as Taproot and Schnorr.

A Blockstream researcher and expert, Andrew Poelstra have also added that Taproot isn’t quite efficient and the transaction graph is still exposed, amounts are yet to be exposed, which are much difficult issue to resolve.

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