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Non-fungible tokens are the most trending topic in the digital space. Everyone is busy with these non-fungible tokens. This enormous amount of traction is formed due to their exceptional features, and the business benefits they could offer are simply astonishing. NFTs are unique digital assets that are built on a blockchain platform. They can represent physical objects that can be digitized, including tangible and intangible assets. The most common types of NFTs are image files, video files, music, digital art collectibles, trading cards, etc. These digital assets are traded on a special platform called the NFT marketplace. The selling of NFTs has become a rising trend among business industries. At Infinite Block Tech, we have the resource and expertise to develop your NFT marketplace by applying our development solutions.

Our NFT Marketplace Development- A Quick Walkthrough

The invention of NFT marketplace platforms has uplifted the presence of NFTs in the crypto space. This has ensured smooth transaction of crypto assets between users. You can build your NFT marketplace by hiring our marketplace development company. First, we provide the complete layout of your NFT marketplace to you. All features and specifications integrated into the marketplace are completely dependent on your desire. There are two variants, including open-type and exclusive-type NFT marketplace. You can develop your NFT marketplace based on these variants. An open-type marketplace is a platform where all types of NFTs are listed. For example, video clips, image clips, digital artworks, trading cards, etc. The most popular examples are OpenSea and Rarible. An exclusive-type marketplace is a platform where only specified types of NFTs are listed and digital artwork being the most common exclusive non-fungible token that is being listed. The most popular marketplace examples are SuperRare, Nifty Gateway and NBA Top Shot.

At Infinite Block Tech, we follow several methods to create your NFT marketplace development. The three primary NFT development methods are the whitelabel development method, custom-made development method, and usage of clone script software method.

  • Whitelabel Development Method

Whitelabel NFT marketplace development method is a type of development process that is very suitable for launching the NFT marketplace at  high speed and with salient features. This method is essential for businesses that are focused on the short-run. In our whitelabel methodology, we have various NFT marketplace platforms that are built on different blockchain technologies, such as Ethereum, Matic, Binance Smart Chain, etc. You can select the marketplace platform that is suitable for your business and reach us. A top-tier whitelabel NFT marketplace platform will be launched in no time.

  • Custom-made NFT marketplace

The custom-made NFT marketplace development method is completely focused on businesses that desire to conduct NFT business in the long run. This method allows you to customize your NFT platform from scratch, from deciding the blockchain technology to deciding on the type of post-marketing services that are required to uplift your business long-term. The primary difference between a whitelabel platform and custom-made platform development  is that whitelabel is a market-ready product, thus after its launch, it cannot be customized further. In this method, it is a complete user-centric platform; thus, even after the launch, the platform can be customized, and further features can be added.

  • Clone Script Software Method

At Infinite Block Tech, we provide high quality clone services. You can create your NFT marketplace based on the reference of the existing marketplace with our clone software. We have clone services to almost all the existing NFT marketplace platforms; thus, you will get a wide array of options to choose from.

NFT Token Standards

Our NFT marketplace development company has a wide range of options to give you in terms of NFT token standards. Our primarily used NFT token standards are listed below.

  • ERC721 Token Standard

It is an international standard token. It is the first token standard that is created to support non-fungible tokens. This token standard issues a unique address that confirms the transaction between two entities and also verifies the ownership of the digital asset. This token standard is integrated with smart contracts, thus tracking of tokens created on the blockchain can be performed at ease.

  • ERC1155 Token Standard

The ERC1155 token standard is the upgraded version of` ERC721 token standard. This token standard can transfer both fungible and non-fungible tokens. It can represent multiple classes of assets at the same time with high efficiency. This token standard helps the marketplace to minimize the transaction fee and the time taken for transactions.

  • ERC998 Token Standard

The ERC998 token standard is a unique standard where it allows users to store a group of non-fungible tokens together and transact them as one.

  • TRC721 Token Standard

The TRC721 token standard is a token standard that allows users to transfer NFTs on the TRON blockchain technology. It is similar to the ERC721 token standard.

Our Unique NFT Marketplace Features

Our NFT marketplace development team has profound experience in delivering the perfect NFT marketplace of your choice with surplus unique features.

  • Filters

A filter is a key feature in a marketplace platform. It allows users to connect to their desired section by typing in the filter. We provide a high quality filter feature that allows you to direct to your desired section at high speed and accuracy without any bugs.

  • Listing

Listing is one of the most important features in a marketplace. It lists the NFTs for investors and buyers to have a look at them. This is the driving force behind encouraging collectors to buy NFTs on the platform. Our listing feature is thoroughly created with step-by-step instructions and focuses on providing a positive experience to the users.

  • Wallet

Digital wallets are an important part of the functioning of an NFT marketplace platform. This feature allows users to store crypto coins and sell or trade them later on. Our NFT marketplace has a very flexible wallet integration system where any model of the crypto wallet can be integrated with our platform.

  • Listing Status

The primary traction between the creator and collector in an NFT marketplace is dependent on the amount of information the creator provides the collector. The listing status protocol in our
NFT marketplace allows buyers to have a quick knowledge about the NFT they are going to purchase. Our listing status also furnishes the buyers with the authentication details, thus increasing the transparency and traction between the marketplace platform and the buyer.

  • Auction And Buying

Our NFT marketplace platform is built with many selling mechanisms. The timing of conducting the NFT auction is very important, as it is a key factor in increasing the market value of the non-fungible token quickly. The buying and selling of an NFT without initiating an auction is a simple process. The reason for its simplicity is the implementation of top-tier smart contract functionalities.

Hire Us As Your NFT Guide In Developing Your Marketplace Platform

Infinite Block Tech is a well-reputed NFT creation company. We have a team of skilled software developers who can help you launch your NFT marketplace into the digital market with ease. The listed below are the primary reasons for hiring our NFT development company.

  • We have prior experience in developing NFT marketplace platforms for business models.
  • Our NFT solutions are highly sophisticated and extremely cost effective.
  • Our blockchain experts have the required resources to develop NFT marketplaces on various blockchain platforms.
  • We provide great customization freedom to our customers.
  • Our post-marketing skills are regarded as one of the best in the digital domain. Our primary services include social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and forum marketing.

To elevate your crypto business to astonishing heights. Avail of our NFT marketplace development services.

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