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Clone scripts are ready-made or pre-build software solutions that are created primarily to help startup companies to launch their business in the market rapidly. With the help of these clone scripts, you will be able to create your own platform just like the original platform of the existing company that you desired to create. The benefits of clone scripts are; they are easily accessible, customizable, economical, and are ready-to-launch. 

What are LocalBitcoins? 

LocalBitcoins is a cryptocurrency business that allows highly secured peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges. Its service will enable users to trade local currency for Bitcoins. On this platform, users publish adverts with exchange rates and payment options for buying and selling Bitcoins. This is also the first Bitcoin exchange platform that has both online and offline trading.

LocalBitcoins clone app development solutions 

LocalBitcoins clone app development solutions will provide ready-made solutions for cryptocurrency exchange. This will reduce your development process time and give you the flexibility to add features according to your various aspects. This permits users globally to trade cryptocurrencies with each other. It is one of the easiest, fastest, and safest ways to trade cryptocurrencies. Some of the clone scripts are also white-label friendly. LocalBitcoin clone app development script can run in android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. This is a massive advantage as it can run in all the systems available. 

LocalBitcoins clone app development services

Listed below are some of the impressive features that LocalBitcoins clone app development solutions provide;

  • In-built crypto wallet 
  • In-built chatbots 
  • Highly secured logins  
  • Advertisement based trading 
  • OTC trading 
  • Peer to peer trading 
  • Rapid selling and buying 
  • Impressive user experience or user interaction 
  • Escrow wallets 
  • Both online and offline cryptocurrency trading 
  • Multi-currency feature 
  • Multi-language feature 
  • Secured with 2-factor authentication 
  • Data encryption  

Besides the features mentioned above, here are some of the notable features that LocalBitcoins clone app development services provide; 

  1. Broker facilities 
  2. Preferred payment methods 
  3. Smooth dispute resolution 
  4. Display advertisements
  5. Email notifications 
  6. Token listings
  7. Feedback system 
  8. IEO launchpads 
  9. Integrated referral programs
  10. Supports more than 100 coins 
  11. Future trading facility 
  12. Special features for merchants 
  13. Easy customization 
  14. GPS tracking 
  15. Instant updates 

Choosing LocalBitcoins clone script will save you a ton of time and will be proven beneficial. Adding to the features mentioned above, the platform also offers a number of dashboard facilities. Each of the panels listed below has unique functionalities. 

  1. Trader panel – This panel allows users to set up their wallets with a two-step authentication upon their login. 
  2. Merchant panel – This panel permits users to access the details of the transaction.
  3. Advertising panel – This panel assists users in posting advertisements on the platform.
  4. Administration panel – This is an exclusive panel for administrators that gives them access to view all the details on the platform, including all the trader’s information. 

Why should you choose LocalBitcoin development services? 

  •  Traders prefer to clone a platform like LocalBitcoins because it is one of the humongous platforms for P2P cryptocurrency trading.  
  •  It is one of the easiest and most secure ways of trading cryptocurrencies with people worldwide.  
  • It has users from over 100 countries around the globe. This will be an excellent benefit for startup companies who strive to shine in the cryptocurrency trading business. 
  • Companies can rapidly develop a platform with the help of a clone script and enhance their brand name in the trading market. 
  • With the help of LocalBitcoins development, you will also be able to develop your own cryptocurrency coin and assist startup companies in developing ICO by listing tokens. 
  • It is a known fact that LocalBitcoins is decentralized in nature. There are no intermediaries like banking or financial institutions. This gives complete freedom to the users to trade cryptocurrencies securely and efficiently worldwide. With LocalBitcoins, you need not have to worry about the inflation in each nation since your cryptocurrencies will have no influence over that. 
  • LocalBitcoin also has other perks. It is highly secured, and there is no need for you to provide your bank account or card details to do a transaction. This is one of the impressive and beneficial features of LocalBitcoins. 
  • The cost of trading and deposit amount is low in LocalBitcoins. 
  • The transactions in Localbitcoins have no global restrictions. People all over the world can trade cryptocurrencies with anyone on the globe. To explain this in a simpler way, this is similar to skype. You can video call anyone in the world with skype without any geographic restrictions, just like that; LocalBitcoins permits you to trade your cryptocurrencies with someone who lives in a different country. 
  • This also has a unique system that can categorize and filter customers. This helps traders to find their ideal customers in a short period of time. 
  • The cost of creating a LocalBitcoin clone app from scratch is way more expensive. So, it is advisable to go for a LocalBitcoin clone script. 

How does LocalBitcoins clone script work? 

  1. Registration – Users will have to register on the platform. After registration, upon logging in, a crypto wallet will be created for each user.   
  2. Posting the details – The users can post the necessary details about the transaction process and other information.
  3. Notifications – Users will be sent notifications. This will help them in the trading process. They can select the specification accordingly. 
  4. Escrow wallet – After selecting the buy or sell option in the platform, a chat box will appear, and the amount of the cryptocurrency in the escrow wallet will be held by the admin. 
  5. Time duration – The transaction must be done within a specified time. 
  6. Transaction – Once both the seller and buyer approve the terms and conditions of the transaction, the payment will be done. Upon the approval of payment from the seller, the admin will release the cryptocurrency from the escrow wallet. 

Final thoughts 

If you are considering developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform just like LocalBitcoins, it is advisable to find a company that provides a white-label-friendly LocalBitcoins clone script. Ensure the clone script has all your desired requirements, reasonable pricing, and highly secured impressive features. In this way, you will be able to launch your own crypto exchange platform in no time. 

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