Economic Crisis Poll reveals that about 73% of Argentinians consider that Cryptocurrency is Best for Future Saving




A poll was conducted in Argentina for cryptocurrency saving. In the result of the survey identifies that approximately 73% of Argentinian citizens consider that cryptocurrency is the best option for saving in the contemporary economic crisis, and a protective shield facing a high-inflation rate.

Argentinian Higher Crypto Opinion:

Worldwide peer-to-peer bitcoin (BTC) marketplace Paxful published the conclusions of a cryptocurrency review in Argentina. The Argentinians viewpoint on cryptocurrency continues strong with citizens converting to digital assets as a way to shield against a high-inflation,” Paxful reported.

 Moreover, the Argentines are enthusiastic about experimenting with new forms of investment because of the requirement to preserve the value of their commercial profits. It appears as a consequence of the financial disaster going on in the motherland.” Summoning the poll results, the organization states:

It showed that 73.4% of members thought that, in the contemporary economic situation, cryptocurrencies are the most efficient way to accumulate and preserve their stocks.

The poll was conducted by Crypto 247 on the support of Paxful in June 2020. A sum of 1,113 Argentine residents ranging in the ages of 18 and over 55 engaged, 85.6 per cent of whom were men, Paxful said.

Among all the respondents, about 69.5% announced they had spent at most limited in cryptocurrency, with the principal reason implying its capacity “to create economic security from the devaluation of the local currency because of the 42.7 per cent inflation.”   

Besides, 67.8% of those examined consider that “cryptocurrency purchases are remarkably secure” related to their local coin.

Besides, respondents were particularly asked about BTC. Of those who had bought BTC, 53.9% stated that the cryptocurrency’s global capability was the main cause.

 Meantime, 50.6 per cent responded decentralization was the major reason, and 49.1% responded they spent because of BTC’s “overall capability to give protection within an unless disturbed banking policy.”

While the BTC exchanging size in the Argentine peso on Paxful is yet inadequate, the Paxful’s Latin America Director, Magdiela Rivas, said:

Throughout the year we have witnessed a significant increase in the services carried out by Argentine consumers on our stage, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic commenced, recording an increase of 37.5% in size compared to the past years.

According to, only 2 Bitcoin (BTC) was exchanged in the Argentine peso on Paxful in the week closing August. 22, whereas 48 bitcoin (BTC) was purchased on Local BTC’s, a competing peer-to-peer BTC marketplace. Argentinian crypto dealers also have entrance to other successful exchanging platforms that recommend ARS, like the Bitso, Binance, and Okex.

Furthermore, the Paxful Argentina poll records that “there is yet a training curve to cryptocurrency regulation inside the country,” the organization continued. So, Out of the 30.5 per cent of the participants who told they had not spent in cryptocurrency, 24.2% announced it was because of the absence of knowledge of its service and applicability.

Similarly, 12.8% replied they did not keep the funds to spend while 7.7% showed mistrust of the “hidden latest currency” as the main speculation.

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