Elastisys and Avassa team up to offer flexible application management in central and edge clouds




While many companies and organizations today have come a long way on their cloud journey, there are many applications that neither can nor should be migrated to a public cloud. For many companies, there are several business-critical use cases where applications need to run at the edge as well as in the central cloud, at the same time. Today, Elastisys, provider of a Kubernetes platform, and Avassa, provider of an edge-native application orchestration platform, announce that they enter a partnership to offer an easy-to-use, secure and efficient way to manage applications across distributed and centralized environments.

Enterprises are looking to augment their central clouds with edge clouds for reasons including business continuity, improved customer experience and reduced bandwidth spend. As they look to place applications where they provide the best value for the business, they design applications with a mix of centralized and distributed components. Leveraging the benefits of both domains can provide significant value to the business when done right.” says Carl Moberg, CTO of Avassa.

A two-tier approach to application management — the distributed edge being one and centralized public clouds being the other — can be seen in a variety of industries such as retail, manufacturing, logistics, and hospitality. This hybrid approach to application placement leads to a synergy effect as the two environments are combined using the compatible and innovative technology that Elastisys and Avassa jointly offer.

Many of our customers have workloads that for regulatory reasons only can use central clouds in part, but still want the benefits of modern containerized software orchestration and enjoy a fully managed platform. In Avassa’s technology, we found the missing piece to allow customers to get a seamless cloud native experience all the way from edge to cloud and back. Our relationship with the Avassa people goes many years back. We are excited to partner with this greatly team with the unique experience required to address the challenging edge orchestration problem” says Johan Tordsson, CEO of Elastisys.

Carl Moberg continues: “Having followed the Elastisys team from their early days to become the leading provider of hosted Kubernetes in the Nordics, we believe that their deep experience from packaging and operating Kubernetes in central environments combined with our solution for a cloud-operated edge provides a robust solution for enterprises that are looking for a solid solution for application hosting and orchestration for central and edge environments combined.”

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