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Most often, it takes a son of the homeland to best use his own success to make life better for the people in his city, state or country. Due to a personal understanding of the issues plaguing his fellow Bahamians, Dr. Adrian Fox pinpointed a need for skilled training and education in his native Bahamas, and he works diligently to ensure that the life of his fellow native Bahamians is always getting better. 

As a young man, Dr. Fox began working in the service industry, just like many of his fellow Bahamians. He began initially by working at Captain Nemo’s, moving to the Café Martinique, and later 5 Twins. Each of these establishments were a part of the Atlantis Resort destination vacation entity, a major employer in the Caribbean. These labors would show a young Adrian that hard work is valuable, but he would also observe many entrepreneurial skills while working in a part of the tourist and service industry in the Bahamas. 

Today, Dr. Fox is primarily an innovative pioneer; however, he has never forgotten his roots as a working class individual. His early years and the observation of those struggling around him just to survive instilled Dr. Fox with a desire to better himself while also stoking a desire to help others. As a small child, Adrian attended St. Bedes Primary School, then Donald W. Davis Middle School. During his middle school years, he took jobs in the service industry, as so many young Bahamians do in order to help the family. He graduated from R. M. Bally High School while continuing to work outside of school. In his late teens, Adrian Fox began to show his brilliant talent regarding entrepreneurship. 

Still in his teens, Adrian would branch out into managing a hair salon, a car phone business and a newspaper stand. He did this in addition to a rigorous school schedule and his full-time work schedule at the resort. Even as a young man, Dr. Fox was never idle; he spent his waking hours either at school or working. Young Adrian innately recognized this was the only way to a successful life. 

Once he completed high school, Adrian jumped into entrepreneurship ventures. He established and managed the operation at his personal businesses: Foxies Restaurant and Bar, Foxies Liquor, and Obsession Designs, a clothing retailer. All the skills Adrian had learned from working at a young age, he put into practice in these upstarts. He would soon make a transition from retail business into the tourist industry. 

Adrian simultaneously grew his current enterprises and used that capital to invest in new operations as well. He would establish the Island Luck, a gaming and lottery service located in the Bahama Islands. He would then enter real estate as a business venture; he established Brickell Real Estate. Within months, he would start other ventures including ILTV and Tresor Rare Parfumerie. 

Despite all his successes, Dr. Fox never forgot where everything started for him. He then began working toward becoming a philanthropist. 

Dr. Fox has never been shy about his love for the Bahamas. Exceptionally beautiful islands draw many tourists each season, but the natives often live in abject poverty. The population is plagued by very little education, few skills outside of the service industry, and to make matters worse, what little most Bahamians manage to acquire is often destroyed due to natural disasters. In fact, this very fact is the catalyst for Dr. Fox establishing a means of helping his fellow Bahamians. 

Dr. Fox saw far too much destruction in the Bahamas – mainly, the result of the frequent occurrence of natural disasters, typically devastating flooding in the wake of strong hurricanes. This led courageous Dr. Fox to create the Fox Foundation, Dr. Fox’s means of philanthropy in his native land. 

Devastating hurricanes are commonplace in the Bahamas and across the Caribbean. Sometimes, before natives can complete the clean-up process after one huge storm, another hurricane is already headed to virtually the same area. As if the wind from one of these storms wasn’t bad enough, these hurricanes often produce storm surge which then floods the area. When Dr. Fox saw firsthand the devastation of one particularly horrific hurricane, he felt this was where he could put the Fox Foundation to good use. A hurricane and subsequent flooding in St. Vincent became the catalyst for the service of the Fox Foundation.

According to Dr. Fox, (my) “Possessing direct experience of living through a natural disaster . . . (I am) deeply attuned to the difficulties” the people of the Islands face after a hurricane makes landfall. In 2019, Dr. Fox put the Fox Foundation to action. He put Foundation members aboard private ships to go to the Abaco area of St. Vincent to assist those stranded by the powerful storm and subsequent flooding. For those who did not leave via these private boats, he had still other Fox Foundation members to distribute water and food as well as generators for hurricane and flooding victims. Dr. Fox then set up a GoFundMe account specifically for the people affected by the St. Vincent hurricane. 

Dr. Fox has utilized the Fox Foundation for a number of other means of assistance for the Bahamian people. He is currently assisting Bahamians who have been affected by a lack of tourism due to COVID-19 and other natural disasters which also slowed down the typical flow of visitors to the Islands. Yet, Dr. Fox is not only providing handouts; he is also providing a hands-up to his beloved Bahamians. He works to provide education and training in order for native Caribbeans to work in other industries outside of tourism. It is his heart for his fellow people that pushes Dr. Fox to work to better life for his beloved Bahamians.

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