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Wondershare Filmora, is an amazing software for editing, creating and compiling videos. It is used by a large number of people, especially professionals such as Graphic Designers, or editors for movies, animations and other professional stuff.

Before reading about the Filmora Alternatives, we will read about what all Filmora has to offer you so that you can later make a comparison regarding the best software of your choice.

Features of Filmora

  • Next-level tools- Wondershare Filmora provides its customers with amazing tools that blow up their imagination. For creative artists, these tools such as chroma key background, tools for layering and blending that come with Filmora make turning imagination into reality quite easy for the artists.
  • Tools for audio editing- Besides video editing, Filmora comes with a set of tools for audio editing, which make it an exclusive application. Tools like background noise removal, audio equaliser, key frame etc. make sure that the audio that you have added to your video is also perfect according to your demands.
  • Multiple Video tracks- With Filmora, you can add up to 100 videos at a time, in order to create effects that will turn your video into one of superior quality. You can easily sync these videos without adding any extra effort for the same.
  • In-built features- It’s in-built filters, titles that can be customised, overlays etc. make it easy for the user to customise their videos.
  • Video effects- To enhance the video effects of your file, it lets you add in your video transitions, animations, titles, filters etc.
  • Sharing to third-party apps- With the help of Filmora, you need not download the video first to your device and then upload it on other platforms, as it will deteriorate the quality of the video. Instead, you can directly share your video to third-party applications so that the quality of the video is maintained.
  • Free to use- Filmora versions are free to use for all the users. Its premium version is reasonable for the users. However, most of the newbies prefer to use its free version. Many of the users want to use its premium version at a reasonable cost so, they apply Wondershare Filmora Coupon Code.
  • Exclusive features
    • Action camera tools- The camera tools such as slow motion, reverse, eye correction etc. are in-built in this app.
    • 4K support- This ensures that your video is of the best quality possible.
    • Colour correction- you can make corrections to the colour of your video by editing the contrast, brightness, white balance and other such features.
    • Proxy workflow- This enhances the speed of the application.

Now, as we have read about the features that Filmora provides you with, we will now read about the alternatives to Filmora.

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Alternatives Of Filmora

Filmora is nice software when you are a beginner or Intermediate. But for professional It might not be a good choice. The company of wondershare offers a very new version for users. Users can shift on that one like Filmora Pro. The version of Filmora Pro is better than Filmora X and designed for Intermediate and Professional users.

Or the other option is they can use alternatives of Filmora But little advance and valuable.


VDSC is a free Video Editor and creator software, which is used for the creation of high resolution videos. It has the power to create ultra HD, 4K and 3D videos in its purview. It comes with tools such as eye correction, motion tracking and other such effects. Using VSCO, you can create videos, and you can also record them from the screen. It also allows you to record audio from the screen. You can share your created videos on numerous platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.  Although using Filmora is easy for beginners, if we compare the amount of tools that are provided by these apps, VSDC takes the lead. VSDC does not come with a version for mobile phones and tablets, unlike Filmora.


InVideo is an easy to use application, which provides a lot of flexibility to the users. It is famous for the amount and quality of templates it provides to its users, which make the video more dynamic. It also allows you to get media from numerous platforms such as Shutterstock, Dropbox, Pexels etc. You can share your creations directly on almost all social media platforms. InVideo is regarded to be better than Filmora in terms of its customer support and the features it provides to its users.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio allows the customers to create videos of professional levels, with the complete power and control in their own hands. It comes with great tools which are used in the creation of videos for movies, advertisements or other professional arenas. It also allows Screen recording and split screen video to its users. Using Pinnacle studio, one can create and HD, 4K and 360 video creation and editing. Although, when we compare it to Filmora, it lacks behind in the arena of customer support, as Filmora offers customer support to its users through Chat, email and live support, whereas Pinnacle Studio offers help only over the mail.

XOS Digital

XOS Digital is an app that has its versions for PC as well as mobile. It is regarded to be a better option for small and medium enterprises due to its low cost and easy to use interface. It helps its users to create and edit videos with the help of its amazing tools. It was originally created 20 years ago, keeping in mind the requirements of sports coaches to help them with athlete recruitment. Today, it has a much wider scope. Although, its scope is less compared to Filmora, and it also lags behind in customer support because it provides support to its customers only through the medium of email.


The name camtasia always comes in one of the leading softwares for video editing and creations. It comes with a large number of tools that help the creators in doing almost all jobs related to video editing and creation. The tools that it lacks are compensated for by it by allowing third party apps to intervene in the video making, if deemed necessary by the user. It is well known as an editing software for post-capture editing. Although, it is a bit more costly when compared with Filmora. When you compare the Pros and Cons of Camtasia and Filmora then you find that Camtasia is a better option.

Adobe Premiere Pro

It is one of the most professionally used softwares for video editing or creating. Although, it also has a mobile version that can make it an easy to use software for newbies as well. It can be used regularly as well as professionally. Despite being an easy to use and lightweight software, it can make sure that you receive amazing picture quality for your videos up to 4K and ultra HD levels. It comes with much more features as compared to Filmora, and consequently the price is also more.

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