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Financial education won’t be the key to every divorce, but it could very well help couples delay getting divorced after they meet with Sofiya Machulskaya and see how financial education might help them survive their marriage and avert business partners and professional friendship if they are truly serious about avoiding divorce. Educating your partner on financial issues and how to have it work will show the other person (the future spouse, or the other partner) important details that will benefit them and the marriage.

Possibly the most important financial issue is the premature filing of bankruptcy. The reason for getting this done becomes a whole lot clearer if a couple has very clear and consistent understanding of the high costs of going down this tough road. One of the biggest areas of confusion we’ve heard over recent years has been over what really needs to be done legally to keep your family intact and if bankruptcy really is the right option for tax debtors.

The bottom line is that bankruptcy trustees frequently have the same information available to them and the question is what they’re going to use to make the right decision for the people they’re meant to help. Cutting through the confusion will help get back on solid footing and make the process of financial discipline a lot easier. You certainly don’t need a CPA bringing tax debt issues into divorce court or – depending on where the bankruptcy case is filed – a bankruptcy lawyer.

The recommendation after the pre- divorce audit is that everyone, including the two spouses, sit down and talk about financial matters to get a complete understanding of the situation. If the couple has adequate funds for the audit, that is the time the two should decide together what the means and what they can do to plan for the future. Whether it’s about putting money away in a separate savings account, creating a safety net for the children, and determining what needs to be done moving forward in life. This is a time to figure out if financial sophistication is an issue or if the couple needs help with financial matters.

If the relationship is still intact and it’s a joint family affair, it’s a very serious matter and should be treated with real dignity by both the doctor and the woman. For example, if your husband has a nasty habit of vices and lack of self-control, he needs to be removed from benefits like Social Security and Supplemental Security Income and the couple has an opportunity to work together to do it explains Sofiya Machulskaya. If someone is seriously addicted to something (as are most people who live in an apartment or house) that has caused serious problems for him and the rest of the family, the same should be done. This kind of financial review will allow the couple to determine what the stretching in the marriage is going to be. Don’t wait until after the marriage when a proposal is required, when real savings are at risk or when a lawsuit is threatened. This is a time to get information and work out a plan to make it work.

One way to get this information is to work with a Certified Financial Planner who will help you develop a long term financial plan that takes into serious account the entire range of issues that both parties may face (health as an example) and that takes into account expected cash inflows and outflows and whether those inflows or outflows are regular or not for one particular period of time. This will help couple reach their practical conclusions about the contribution each person should make to meet such obligations. Whether its college planning for your children or your retirement, this general information will certainly help you and your spouse create a workable plan.

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