First Web3 Gaming Awards: GAM3 Nominees Has Announced




Every year the GAM3 announces its awards for the games. They have made a shortlist for the awards of the games in 2022. 

The games shortlisted for the GAM3 Awards 2022 have been made public. The first Polkastarter Gaming GAM3 Awards will be placed on December 15, 2022, and will include 16 categories.

The jury members selected their best five games from each of the 13 categories represented by the 106 individual games submitted in the first round of voting. The final candidates were reduced through this procedure to 32 distinct titles representing the pinnacle of web3 gaming.

The top 3 networks, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Solana, were each represented in 3 of the first 106 games, which were spread among 13 chains. The final 32 nominations showed a distribution of web3 games throughout several chains. 

With eight games each, Polygon and ImmutableX are tied for first place in web3 gaming, with Solana and Gala coming in second and third, respectively.

We need to honour the Best Content Creator to organise the GAM3 Awards. They are the ones who propel adoption forward and who enlist the support of their devoted communities. 

The list of content producers in web-3 gaming is extensive and includes people from many different countries, cultures, and languages. To win the Best Content Creator award, each nominee must receive 100 per cent of the community’s votes at from their supporters.

Each game nominates their favourite web3 title from outside of themselves in the fifteenth category of the GAM3 Awards, a more literal version of the Games’ Choice Awards where video games honour other video games.

It serves as a gesture of deference and demonstrates that all of the games in the area are engaged in friendly rivalry to advance the web3 gaming sector as a whole.

On November 16, the People’s Choice Award was made available for public voting. This is the only game-specific GAM3 Award that is entirely decided by public voting, and it inspired a movement across all genres and chains of games. 

Thirty-eight-thirty-eight games with a combined social following of over 3 million posted tweets and announcements to their respective communities. From the more than 5K unique votes cast on the platform, this process alone qualified more than 50 games for the prize.

Web3 gaming has advanced significantly, as seen by the nominations for the GAM3 Awards’ Game of the Year category. Five of the top games now available consistently straddle the border between conventional and web-based gaming quality. 

The Harvest, Gods Unchained, Big Time, Illuvium, and Superior all emphasise owning digital assets and other blockchain components.

The game studio’s commitment, diligence, and efforts to establish an unbroken community will be evident in whoever wins the GOTY award.

Games will be evaluated according to several factors, such as the core loop, graphics, accessibility, aspect of replayability, fun elements, and overall gameplay experience. 

Any game that meets the requirements mentioned above must have a live, playable version to be considered for any of the awards, except Most Anticipated Game.


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