Flash News: OKX to Support ETHW Swaps; Provides SWEAT Margin Trading and LING Listing




  • OKX DEX is the first swap aggregator to support ETHW
  • OKX has opened margin trading, savings and list perpetual offerings for SWEAT
  • Lingose’s LING has listed on OKX

VICTORIA, Seychelles, Sept. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKX, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange by volume, has become the first exchange to offer aggregated swaps for the ETH forked token, ETHW. The platform is also offering a broader range of trading options for SWEAT and has listed Lingose’s LING.

OKX DEX announces support for ETHW Swap
From September 16, OKX DEX will officially support swaps for ETHW. Users will be able to use the OKX Wallet to conduct ETHW full chain asset transactions, including for all main network tokens.

OKX DEX is the first swap aggregator that supports ETHW. It has a routing splitting algorithm that helps avoid significant slippage due to insufficient liquidity on a single DEX. This allows for token exchanges to be completed quickly and safely.

OKX DEX aggregates 10+ public chains and 100+ decentralized exchanges, supports 100,000+ tokens, and helps users secure the optimal price, the least slippage, and the lowest gas fees in multi-chain and cross-chain scenarios.

OKX enables margin trading & savings and list perpetual for SWEAT
OKX has also announced that margin trading, savings and perpetual swaps for move-to-earn token SWEAT have been enabled as of September 15.

OKX was the initial listing exchange for SWEAT.

For more information, please click here.

OKX lists Lingose’s LING for spot trading
Lingose’s LING token has also been listed on OKX spot trading markets as of September 13 and 14.

Lingose aims to establish a Game ID protocol bound by smart contracts, which can award on-chain credentials by capturing the behaviors from your Web3 adventure. A Lingose ID is a social identity with a set of credential data integrated into it.

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