For A Forthcoming Web3 MMORPG, Former Diablo Immortal Developers Choose ImmutableX



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Blockchain technology is being used to create a new Web3 MMORPG by the creators of blockbuster video games like Far Cry and Diablo Immortal.

To continue developing Angelic, independent game developer Metaverse Game Studios, which has a large team of developers that have contributed to several AAA products, has partnered with Web3 development platform ImmutableX.

A dark science fiction narrative strategy RPG with turn-based combat, the next game runs on Unreal Engine 5. For players searching for an AAA-caliber Web3 gaming experience, a story-driven single-player campaign and a free-to-play multiplayer metaverse imply a wide selection.

The Ethereum-based nonfungible tokens (NFTs) digital collectibles in the game that players may own are powered by ImmutableX’s full-stack gaming platform. 

Angelic’s creators also claim that it is “chain agnostic,” which means that digital assets will be stored off-chain and that it can communicate with other blockchain networks.

With a “collaborate-to-earn” option that will enable user ownership of in-game assets and involvement in the game’s future development, Angelic claims to supply content to both Web2 and Web3 audiences. In addition, Angelic community members will get rewards from Metaverse Game Studios and ImmutableX for their contributions to the game’s universe.

Immutable was acknowledged as a crucial part of the Web3 capability by Anastasia Volgemut, head of operations at Metaverse Games Studios:

“By utilising ImmutableX, our players may take advantage of the advantages of quick, safe, gas-free minting and a continuous, high-quality gaming experience.”

With a public debut scheduled for February, Angelic will begin alpha testing in January with a small group of partners and community members. The PvP portion of the game will then allow players to exchange in-game NFTs they had previously obtained from the early access edition.

In March, Animoca Brands, Pantera Capital, and Everyrealm concluded a $10 million seed financing round on behalf of Metaverse Game Studios.

“We are fortunate to have discovered a partner who shares the same values as Angelic,” stated Anastasia Volgemut, Director of Operations at Metaverse Games Studios. 

“By utilising ImmutableX, our players may take advantage of the advantages of quick, safe, gas-free minting and a continuous, high-quality gaming experience.”

The $10 million seed round, jointly led by Animoca Brands, Pantera Capital, and Everyrealm, was successfully concluded by Metaverse Game Studios in March 2022. Due to the funds, Angelic will continue to provide all users with a flawless gaming experience, which will support its next phase of expansion.

Angelic will provide players with digital treasures they may truly own in the form of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which are protected by the industry-leading Ethereum blockchain. 

It uses ImmutableX’s full-stack web3 gaming platform, which includes zero-knowledge (ZK) proof-based scaling technology.

Metaverse Game Studios and ImmutableX, both ardent supporters of creator-owned royalties, will also see that each member of the Angelic community receives a just return for their contributions to the game’s environment.

“It’s encouraging to see renowned AAA-level game firms aggressively embracing digital ownership and player-led gaming models, like Metaverse Games Studios. 

Offering the complete line of ImmutableX’s products and solutions and working with their staff to provide the most equitable outcomes makes us ecstatic.

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