Founding Father of Viabtc Reveals Bitcoin Cash Fork Approach Called BTC Cat




During a previous couple of days, discussions concerning the Bitcoin Cash Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm has become a polarising debate. Across the middle of all the quarrelling, founding father of Viabtc’s Haipo Yang has announced a brand new fork of Bitcoin Cash called Bitcoin Cat.

Most recently, the news has reported on the discussions concerning the Bitcoin Cash DAA. Following the story, the very next day, Bitcoin ABC issued a blog column that showed it might be practising Jonathan Toomim’s Assert DAA.

However, at the tip of the announcement, Bitcoin ABC, Amaury Séchet, detailed that the Infrastructure Funding Proposal (IFP) would be added to successive upgrade. The IFP will take 8% of the coin-base reward and dedicate it to developers.

Amid all the infighting, even before ABC’s most up-to-date announcement, Viabtc’s founder Haipo Yang has been toying with the thought of a brand new Bitcoin Cash fork. The Viabtc administrator has been tweeting regarding the topic often, and he published a blog post about the experiment. On August 5, Haipo Yang tweeted:

I am considering building a replacement Bitcoin fork inherited from BCH called Bitcoin Cat. It’s a short-lived name. Cats are cute and harmless so that they won’t have a war.

Besides, he tweeted that the BCH community “needs real leaders.” “Everyone who has favoured BCH is welcome to cooperate and build a CAT. Let’s obtain Bitcoin great again.” While on August 6, Haipo Yang tweeted something slightly more controversial than merely a thought a few new BTC fork.

“Whether BCH excludes the UTXOs that nevermore move following the fork, we will increase the block reward and fund the inspiration without the IFP and without interrupting the 21M boundary,” Haipo Yang replied.

Bitcoin Cat maybe a forked coin supported Bitcoin Cash, and it’s likely to change state on November 15. Haipo Yang’s Bitcoin Cat will have a variety of differences than BCH and other Blockchains also. He said that smart contracts would be essential, and therefore, the necessary script actions on BTC are lacking.

He also believes the mining algorithm should be altered to be more ASIC-friendly across the future. “The BTC mining algorithm, if practised as always, or whatever quite DAA algorithm cannot eliminate the hash-rate tide,” the blog column highlights.

The Medium blog column also records that Bitcoin Cat might reduce the block time too. He also believes that the protocol must be systematized, and he also intends to feature a “voting system.”

“The most vital is that the establishment of a foundation,” Haipo Yang stressed. Finally, Yang ends the blogpost with the controversial idea of voiding UTXOs that aren’t getting used.

Moreover, the Bitcoin Cat is moderately controversial because some believe it is getting someone’s coins without requesting. The idea isn’t new, however, because the United Bitcoin project also did a similar project.

Additionally, on December 12, 2017, the United Bitcoin was forked at block height 498777, but following the project was declared, it’s fizzled away such as super bitcoin, bitcoin diamond, and bitcoin candy. However, United Bitcoin yet trades for $0.91 per coin with a $117,000 value of daily trade size consistent with a contemporary track record.

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