Four-time Olympian Scotty James partners with OKX




OKX, the world-leading cryptocurrency platform, today announced a partnership with internationally decorated snowboarder Scotty James.

OKX will work with Scotty James to present the possibilities of web3 and crypto trading to winter sports fans while helping them make better and more responsible investment decisions. The four-time Olympian begins in his new ambassadorial role as OKX announces itself to the world with the launch of its Global Brand Campaign.

Haider Rafique, Chief Marketing Officer at OKX, said: “Our realization this year as we went on to partner with top athletes in the world was, wow, there is an opportunity to show traders and investors how athletes train with discipline and ways they can learn from these athletes to improve their mental and physical conditioning. If most traders train like athletes, our category and communities will grow in a much healthier way than the current status quo of emotional trading. Scotty is so approachable, and likeable yet, a world-class athlete. He also got quite excited about our vision and wanted to participate with us in helping create a generation of healthy, disciplined, and thoughtful investors and traders who take these markets seriously and train properly before getting into the ring, so to speak.”

A resilient athlete with an always-on mentality, James epitomizes the mentality that is needed for success. Also a popular social media personality and close friend of Formula 1 driver and fellow OKX ambassador Daniel Ricciardo, James hasn’t forgotten how to have fun with it.

Scotty James said: Ever since my first big professional win, I realized that if I wanted to stay on top, I’d have to revamp my entire training regimen both physically and mentally. I am constantly pushing myself to live a healthy lifestyle, working to stay innovative and doing everything that I can to sustain a strong work ethic, and I’m hyper focused on innovating and always trying to learn new things. These are values that I apply both in the half-pipes and on the charts, and they are also values that are shared by OKX. That is what makes this partnership the perfect fit. I couldn’t be more excited to push the limits here with OKX and bring Crypto into the sport that I love.”

OKX will guide James as he embraces the opportunities provided by web3, such as launching unique NFTs and collaborating on plans for new winter sports experiences within the metaverse.

Fans will be able to follow Scotty James as he continues his crypto trading journey. This will both give them insights into his life off the half-pipes and provide education on how to trade better.

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