Global Cryptocurrency Exchange EXMO Completes Creative Rebrand




Gameplay and Dynamic Visuals Add Fun to Seamless, Hassle-free Experience

EXMO, a global leading compliant cryptocurrency exchange, announced today that it has completed a creative rebrand, “Uncreepy Crypto.” EXMO’s rebrand highlights its platform’s transparent, seamless, and hassle-free trading experience with a gamification-centered design accompanied by dynamic visual elements representing the simplicity, humanity, and ease of entering the crypto world.

Founded in 2014, EXMO is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. It is listed among the top 20 exchanges in the world on CryptoCompare. EXMO serves over 24,000 traders daily, providing standard, margin, and OTC trading services for 188 currency pairs, and staking programs. It also has its native token, EXMO Coin (EXM), API, and a mobile app, further optimizing the user experience.

“At EXMO, we believe trading and holding crypto should be easy and hassle-free, and that’s why from the beginning, we made our interface convenient, uncluttered, and easy to understand,” said EXMO CEO Serhii Zhdanov. “At EXMO, we have always had a vision of a world where everyone owns cryptocurrency. With this rebranding, we’ll be able to provide an even better user experience for our global investors with added clarity and fun.”

“Our new ‘Uncreepy’ crypto positioning is precisely about the fact that crypto can be for everyone and about everyone,” said Liudmyla Kryvko, CMO at EXMO. “Crypto is fun and an exciting journey, not some obscure geek fiction. That’s why our vision is built on the interest a person can get from the crypto world than just about making money. We are turning crypto exchange into a Crypto RPG. One often hears that cryptocurrency is the future. This future has already arrived, and it is essential to demonstrate the ease of crypto for everyone, erasing the psychological barriers.”

In addition to the user-friendly crypto investment experience, EXMO’s trading platform is backed by an extensive customer support team providing help to global users 24/7. The exchange is also planning to launch a crypto school, where anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and investment strategies for free.

Being an internationally compliant exchange, EXMO has offices in Kyiv and London, and is now obtaining additional licenses to operate in additional U.S. states while opening new offices in Poland and Lithuania. EXMO is the second crypto exchange in the world that allows traders to withdraw euros and dollars directly to Visa and Mastercard cards.

EXMO’s rebrand was developed by Banda Agency.

About EXMO

EXMO is a cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to making crypto “uncreepy” and accessible to all through user-friendly services and support. Founded in 2014, the company was one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. The company is UK-based and operates in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and the U.S. With an average daily trading volume of over $200 million, EXMO offers simple OTC trading, API, a mobile app, and a native token – EXMO Coin – as well as Premium packages and Prime offerings. For more information, please visit

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