Global Web3 Venture Capital and Market Maker DWF Labs Launches




  • Parent firm Digital Wave Finance (DWF) is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency traders
  • On track to become the leading Web3 venture capital and market maker globally
  • FTX Exchange – already ranks 3rd by trading volume


Singapore, 1 September 2022 – DWF Labs, a global Web3 Venture Capital and Market Maker headquartered in Switzerland has officially launched. DWF Labs provides Market Making, secondary market investments, early-stage investments and over the counter (OTC) trading services for Web3 companies, along with token listing and advisory services. DWF Labs is part of Digital Wave Finance (DWF), one of the world’s top cryptocurrency traders which trades spot and derivatives on over 40 top exchanges. DWF Labs’s Asian regional headquarters is in Singapore. It also has offices in Dubai, China and Hong Kong.

In market making, DWF Labs trades more than 800 trading pairs daily and its trading algorithms are supported on over 40 exchanges globally. The tokens it manages can therefore be listed to cover 99% of the traded volume in crypto. DWF Labs does not charge any onboarding fees, monthly fees, trading fees, market making crosses fees, or any additional fees for market making. DFW Labs collaborates with notable exchanges like Binance, FTX, ByBit, KuCoin, OKX, Gate,,  Huobi, and more. 

As an active investor in secondary markets and liquid coins, DWF Labs invests in digital asset companies and supports existing markets, enabling digital asset companies to sell their tokens for up-front capital without adverse price impact. DWF Labs buys tokens with its own funds, allowing its corporate customers to sell tokens quickly. This also enables DWF Labs to increase capital efficiency and allow its customers to concentrate on project development. In just the past few weeks,  DWF Labs has invested more than US$20 million in its customers’ tokens.

To date, DWF Labs has also secured over 30 venture capital deals with Web3 companies through token investments, the largest deal valued at US$4.5 million.

“DWF stands for Digital Wave Finance. We represent a new wave in Web3 Venture Capital investment. DWF Labs aligns its efforts with our customers’ business objectives to help their tokens get the best listing price, raise funds and create markets. Our trading configurations aim to increase trading volumes of cryptocurrencies and tokens  to make it attractive for market participants, bringing our customers’ projects to the top of Coinmarketcap, which in turn will attract organic traders.” said Andrei Grachev, Managing Partner, DWF Labs.

By ensuring sufficient market depth, DWF allows other market participants to trade their clients’ tokens with less price impact and builds confidence in market liquidity. DFW Lab’s market making solutions also protects tokens and investors from a variety of threats such as ‘pump-and-dump’ attacks and extreme price volatility.

As of mid-August 2022, the 24-hour average trading volume of all cryptocurrencies worldwide is worth around US$62billion. Among the top 100 traders on the FTX leaderboard, DWF Labs’ ranks 3rd by  trading volume.

“Web3 projects powered by technologies like blockchain and metaverse are growing rapidly. Investor interest in these projects is on the rise as well.  In the next 12 months, DWF Labs aims to leverage on this rapidly increasing market to become the leading Web3 venture capital and market maker globally,” added Grachev.

In addition to market making and OTC trading services, DWF Labs also offers consulting, cybersecurity, token audit processes, debt-financing, and connections with their numerous partners across different verticals.

Please find more information on DWF Labs and its solutions at:

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