Gojek Clone App: Business Strategy For The Growth Of Your Multi-Service Business




Gojek App came under the spotlight when Google invested in it. This means the application has something worth looking for. Ever since the news of Google investing in an app like Gojek broke, several companies showed willingness to develop a replica – Gojek Clone App.

Before we plunge indirectly about Gojek Clone App, let’s explore about Gojek app and its logic behind developing such application.

The Logic Behind Developing Gojek

After the advent of Uber, every business owner wanted to develop a taxi booking app. The market was swarmed with Uber look-alike apps offering a wide range of transportation services to the users.

However, what On-Demand Market didn’t have was an app that had multiservice offerings under a single app. The founders of Gojek started with ride-hailing services and eventually plunged into On-Demand Delivery services like Handyman services, Babysitters, Food Delivery, Pharmacy, Grocery Delivery, Pet walkers, and more.

Eventually, the app went on by adding new services, adding up to 20+ services for the citizens. These On-Demand Multiservices were intended to help people to complete their chores on time by booking them through the app in few swaps. Thus, the primary agenda to give multiple services under one app was to give people the convenience and comfort to book their services without hopping from one app to another.

Gojek app eliminated the need of having different apps, thus saving on lots of storage space.

The users can avail any services at their convenience at an affordable price.

Business Strategies For The Growth Of Multiservice Business

Mobile Applications have become mandatory for the businesses to prosper. It is one of the significant parameters that bring immense success to your business. People are expecting to have everything at their fingertips and offering an app like Gojek will lead to tremendous success.

If you are launching the Gojek Clone app there are few things to consider especially the business strategies that offer you quick visibility and profits.

Do detailed research of the market

Simply launching the Gojek Clone App and expecting it to reap the returns isn’t going to happen. There are already several Gojek like apps in the market. Thus, to beat the competition you must do a detailed study of the market, the location as well as target audience where you wish to launch. Knowing their preferences and choices will enable you to design the features accordingly. Also, study your competitors’ apps to know what makes them hit and where do they lack.

This way you will be able to gain clarity and implement the right features and functionalities in your Gojek Clone App.

Implementing right services

Just because you are replicating the Gojek app doesn’t mean you should be exactly getting the same services. Those services may not match your targeted audience. Thus, your business strategies will only work when you have the right services implemented in your app.

For instance, the location you are launching an app is a tourist place. Hence, getting a variety of restaurants, hotels, taxis on the go, as well as cab rental services will be highly beneficial. Look at the location and the audience which will make it easy to Design Gojek Clone App.

Launch Gojek Clone App build on new technologies

Building your app with current technology will attract users and leads to a better reach. The application and the features in it should be as simple as it can to avoid complexity. Day by day the technology is moving itself to the next level so businesses need to depend on it. The on-demand apps help to master their business right from real-time tracking to performance analysis, etc everything can be done in minutes. Manual inputs can be cut shortened and save money.

Revenue business strategies

Gojek Clone App works on a commission basis.

This means that every time the users orders or hires any service provider the app owner will earn a commission out of it.

Gojek Clone app offers over 70+ different kinds of services which mean there is a continuous there will be continuous cash flow from the wide range of services. Furthermore you can generate revenue from a variety of sources like Delivery charges, Subscription/Membership fees from the users, Cancellation charges, 3rd party ad banners, loyalty programs, etc.

All you need to do is Buy Gojek Clone Script from a reputed app development company. Make sure Gojek Clone is white-labeled so that in the future you can make changes without technical help. Also, the app lets expand and grow without spending extra money.

Gojek Clone New Features

  • Restricted passenger limits
  • Item name searching
  • Face mask verifications
  • Safety checklists
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Ride cancellation
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers
  • OTP verification to start the ride/tasks
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Calculate fare – 2 methods
  • 18+ Age confirmation
  • Delivery driver with a helper to assist
  • Store/restaurant wise commission
  • Daywise separate time slots
  • Delivery driver options to cancel orders
  • Graphical status of the rides/orders via in-app notifications

In Conclusion

There are innumerable benefits of launching your Gojek Clone App.

It already has lured several entrepreneurs thus you should not miss the opportunities. Still, there are a lot of places across the globe where the concept of Gojek like the app hasn’t reached. Hence, it is the right time to get on board by partnering with a professional app development company that helps you launch your app in just a few days at an affordable price.

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