Green Cryptocurrency Has Joined Dyson And Samsung As Affiliate Partners




The Green cryptocurrency can be the future as it has joined Dyson and Samsung as affiliate partners. The investors need to include the IMPT token in their portfolio. The decision can be ideal for value-seeking investors.

Samsung and Dyson Join the Affiliate Network of the Impact Project.

Two of the largest corporations in the world joined Impact Project’s affiliate network this week. Both companies have committed to a greener future by utilising the Impact Project as a conduit. 

They have joined the platform’s network of partners, including the home appliance maker Dyson in Singapore and the Korean technological powerhouse Samsung.

With this latest move, the Impact Project has expanded its ever-expanding affiliate network to increase business awareness of global climate concerns.

Across 25,000 businesses from all over the world have already agreed to join the Impact Project’s network. These businesses will incorporate the platform into their work in one way or another, allowing customers to shop, pay for carbon credits, and offset their carbon impact.

Over 10,000 of the 25,000+ organisations in the affiliate network of the Impact Project are stores. In addition to rewarding their consumers with IMPT tokens for adopting the platform, these businesses will act as a catalyst for other companies to follow suit.

Changing the Landscape of Carbon Credits

A blockchain-based platform called The Impact Project aims to make it simpler for people and businesses to buy carbon credits. 

The effort, based on the Ethereum blockchain, has generated a ton of attention in the cryptocurrency market due to its potential to revolutionise the battle against climate change.

Impact Project has thus far filled a void in the market. For years, many people have urged the blockchain community to take a more active role in the battle against global warming. 

Although much is still desired, initiatives like the Impact Project are taking the lead and demonstrating how blockchain can be a positive influence.

The Impact Project has acknowledged that the battle against climate change must put blockchain at its core. The platform promises to improve these credits’ efficiency and transparency in the trading process. 

They also announced diverting players in the market from the outdated and inefficient procedures that have up to now been the norm.

The state-based credit issuing system has always been prone to slowness and bureaucracy, making it increasingly difficult for prospective purchasers to acquire these credits over time.

The Impact Project will also solve the liquidity issue by providing credits in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), enabling users to transact quickly and easily. 

Users can decide whether they want to sell or completely burn their tokens, as well as the number of tokens in circulation.

Summary Of The News

  • Green cryptocurrency might be the future.
  • It has joined Dyson and Samsung as affiliate partners
  • Impact project has expanded its affiliate network


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