Higher Banking Crisis is near said by the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Writer Praises Bitcoin (BTC)




The writer of the best-selling book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, described that time is going out as a “significant banking crisis is evolving quickly.” The writer speaks it is not a time to consider it and told that people must begin contemplating leveraging bitcoin (BTC).

Robert Kiyosaki recorded the famous book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” He also allows private finance education to the masses engaged in reading regarding Property, financing, money flow, and how to commence an enterprise. Throughout the previous few years, Kiyosaki is advocating for cryptocurrencies such as BTC, and he’s prophesied an economic failure for years forthwith.

 With the Sane Crypto Podcast in a discussion, Kiyosaki named BTC “the people’s capital” and stated he assumes digital currencies to remain fiat. Consequently, the Covid-19 pandemic and the beleaguered global marketplace, Kiyosaki, proceeded to recommend BTC.

He added more and called Fake: Fake Cash, Fake Coaches, and Fake wealth.

“Financial and economic advisors would not tell you to spend in BTC and Gold. It’s unsafe. Don’t spend in Property (real estate). Don’t spend it in BTC. It’s unsafe. The purpose they inform you is they don’t receive any shares from Gold, Property (real estate), and Bitcoin (BTC)”.


While On August 21, the writer tweeted Warren Buffet’s new determinations to invest in BTC and precious metal.

Why is Buffet away from the banks? The writer stated. Banks ruined. Higher banking pressure is getting quick. The Fed and Treasury to catch over the banking policy? Fed and Treasury “helicopter false money” outspoken to the masses to bypass mass rioting.

Kiyosaki proceeded: Negative time to consider regarding it.’ How many Gold and BTC do you hold?

Therefore, the Kiyosaki’s 1.4 million supporters asked his statements regarding BTC and suggested other purchases. The individual replied to Kiyosaki’s tweet and announced that it was “extremely careless not to keep any bitcoin (BTC)”

While many assume they can’t manage one complete Bitcoin like Precious metal (Gold), you can purchase a portion of it. One whole BTC holds 100 million units named Satoshis. Begin purchasing Satoshis and, you will have one full Bitcoin and countless more extra!

Moreover, Kiyosaki’s tweet received numerous replies from his supporters, and most people didn’t appear to comprehend his instructions.

Speaking about Bitcoin Fast ahead seven years, and BTC is a $200B+ Worth, which is kept by plenty of people across the globe than any capital. Never undervalue what is imaginable with steadfast industry & deep belief.

Two Possible Situations for Bitcoin:

First, Bitcoin is as authentic as we consider it is, and we will entirely be amazingly rich. The second is we befell into a snare for people with our specific character type, and we will only convert reasonably rich.

Furthermore, at the moment, Kiyosaki announced the “destruction of the dollar” is coming. Kiyosaki informed his Twitter supporters while the “People are desperate for cash. Extremely bad. If the administration provides you free cash, take it yet consume it carefully. Do not store. Acquire Gold and bitcoin (BTC). The dollar is going to crash.”

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