How a German Neo-Broker Provides Its Customers Free Stock and Crypto Analyses




Investing has evolved greatly in the past few decades, especially since the introduction of cryptocurrency in 2009 which opened up a whole new market to learn. It has also become more accessible to trade and invest since online brokers now allow the average person to do so on their own rather than leaving the market at the mercy of professional brokers.

Opening the market up to all individuals has allowed small-accounts to get a piece of the investing financial pie. Though this has been a great benefit, learning how to effectively trade and invest into stocks and cryptocurrencies is time consuming and often confusing for new investors. Learning how to do so from professionals can be pricey as well, causing many to sink or swim on their own with little knowledge.

This is why free broker analyses are starting to rise in popularity and demand. Traders need information and expertise to get the most out of their decisions within the market. Due to external factors that heavily influence the market, such as tweets by highly recognized financial professionals such as Elon Musk, it is becoming more and more important for brokers to offer financial education and to strengthen the expertise of their own clients.

Broker financial education benefits both the investor and the broker with higher success rates. Young investors are especially important to include in clients that are protected and supported through professional financial education. These investors will be a part of the market for the long haul if they successfully know how to analyze markets and use this information to their advantage.

Cryptocurrencies are especially popular amongst younger investors who have seen their success in the past 12 years and recognize their extraordinary future potential. Clarity for cryptocurrency-loving young investors is essential to keep them engaged and believing in what is yet to come for cryptocurrencies. This market is constantly growing and evolving with new investments and investors, making it a tricky thing to navigate without the right knowledge of how to do so.

People who are new to the market as well as young investors often take risky trades without much background knowledge or understanding, leading to lower success rates and more learning curves in the early days of building their portfolio. While this is hoped to be avoided by all market newcomers, unfortunately that’s not usually the case. Many take these uninformed financial moves because they find it difficult to obtain an objective, expert opinion about what trades and investments are the best ones to make.

Having increased access to professional opinions regarding the stock market and cryptocurrencies that does not reach far past the average small-account trader’s budget is essential to continuing this trend of new investors joining the market. This makes the world of trading more accessible to all types of people who have an interest in it.

Neo-Broker Nextmarkets is the first Neo-Broker in Europe to utilize this approach to free financial education, breaking ground on a new approach to investor information and success supported by brokers. Allowing investors free access to up to 300 analyses per month by 22 trading coaches can help change the way they experience the market and allow them to feel confident in their trading career.

Nextmarkets CEO and founder Manuel Heyden says that “Investors / newcomers are systematically taking too much risk, according to numerous scientific studies. No investor should trade on the stock market without proper money and risk management. We also provide our clients with numerous coaches and trainers who give them a lot of expertise – free of charge, of course.”

In addition to providing analyses, Nextmarkets also provides coaching for investing in both the stock market and cryptocurrencies. This stock market coach selection process that they utilize is according to a strict selection procedure that ensures only the most knowledgeable and experienced coaches are the ones working with investors.

This new approach lifts the veil on stock market workings that many never get to fully see behind. Allowing new investors access to expert information gives them the ability to make well calculated trades, giving them a fair chance to work alongside large accounts and hedge funds. This new broker education approach will hopefully put some money back into the pockets of average citizens through stocks and cryptocurrency.

Manuel Heyden also goes on to say, “When it comes to trading and investing, many providers often lack transparency. That shouldn’t be the case. That’s why at Nextmarkets all steps are comprehensible.”

Not only does Nextmarkets provide invaluable information to their clients, they make sure to do so in a way that makes the best sense to them. Communicating information about the stock market and cryptocurrencies is only half the battle, but doing so in a way that is easy to learn and understand as Nextmarkets does is the true key to successful investing and trading.

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