How Are People Feeling About Crypto?




All throughout the world, interest in cryptocurrencies is still increasing.

Interest in cryptocurrencies is still increasing throughout the world.

In the past year, Google searches for “cryptocurrency” have climbed by 154.5%, and there were almost 2.8 million searches in June 2022 alone.

We were interested in which types of cryptocurrency are most widely used and whether the media has a more positive or negative perception of them. We also wanted to examine which crypto kinds were more popular among certain groups of people.

Investingoal carefully examined the top fifteen cryptocurrencies by Market Cap in order to accomplish this. Here are a few of our key conclusions for each:

How Are People Feeling About Bitcoin? ($384.44B Market Cap)

With 12.5 million searches in June 2022 alone, Bitcoin has the most searches of all cryptocurrencies, making it arguably the most popular cryptocurrency. In the last year, searches for Bitcoin have climbed by 43.7%.

Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency among people aged 35 to 44, and is heavily favoured by men. At 29.5%, this currency’s positive sentiment is slightly lower than other currencies; Bitcoin’s negative sentiment was also higher than other currencies at 5.3 %

How Are People Feeling About Ethereum? ($194.0B Market Cap)

Ethereum still had a182% increase in searches despite already being one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It’s not a surprise that Ethereum had a 34.8% positive sentiment as it was the first smart-contract-enabled network to make things like NFTs possible.

How Are People Feeling About Tether? ($67.55B Market Cap)

Although it has increased in search over the past year, with a minor increase of 9.7%, it has grown less than other cryptocurrencies we looked into.

Tether is designed to mirror the US dollar andis very much a stablecoin – when compared to other of the more volatile coins, Tether may be described as “boring” and “safe”; perhaps this is why its search volume didn’t increase as much.

Compared to other age groups, 25 to 34-year-olds preferTether. Despite this being a stablecoin, it had the lowest positive sentiment (16.3%) and the highest negative sentiment (13.8%) of all these cryptocurrencies; this could also be because it is a somewhat “boring” coin.

How Are People Feeling About USD Coin? ($52.02B Market Cap)

USD Coin had the lowest amount of search volume of any crypto coin but still saw an increase of 318%. It also had an okay positive to the negative ratio (16.6% positive to 4.6% negative) which means that coverage was pretty neutral around the coin. The coin was created to mimic the value of the dollar which might explain why people were not excited to invest in it, but it is also a much less volatile investment

How Are People Feeling About BNB? ($44.85B Market Cap)

Initially built on the Ethereum network, BNB (also known as Binance Coin) is now the native currency of Binance’s own blockchain, known as the Binance chain. BNB-related searches  by 29.7% in the last 12 months.

When comparing the positive and negative sentiment, BNB had the second-highest positive sentiment of any other cryptocurrency at 43.7%, and the lowest negative sentiment percentage at 1.1%.

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